Foreigners will help us? The Marshall plan for Ukraine

Заграница нам поможет? План Маршалла для Украины

Ukraine hopes to receive 50 billion euros from European countries.

The Marshall plan for ukriana is a beautiful expression that used to have a Ukrainian politician, from the President to ordinary MPs.

Initially, the Marshall plan – a program of aid to Europe after world war II, which helped to rebuild European countries devastated economy. understand whether the Marshall plan for Ukraine.

The Initiative Of Lithuania

The Marshall plan for Ukraine is an initiative of Lithuania for assistance in 2017-2020, providing for, among other things, a plan of economic, financial and investment support, including the strengthening of the strategic dialogue Ukraine — the countries of the West to ensure Ukraine’s European integration.

Initiative “Marshall Plan for Ukraine” envisages investment in the real sector of Ukraine’s economy and support of reforms aimed at economic growth of Ukraine, the creation of new instruments of investment financing, and support for small and medium enterprises.

One of the authors of the initiative, former Prime Minister (1999-2000, 2008-2012) Lithuania, now a member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius says that Lithuania and Ukraine share common threat and danger – Russia. “Russia, its behavior, its war against Ukraine shows what can happen… the West still lacks a clear strategy not only to Ukraine, but, most importantly, in relation to Russia. Our answer is that the West can do to help Russia transform into a more normal state, to do all that around Russia there is a circle of successful countries first, including Ukraine”, – he explained.

What money?

The plan is for 10 years, it envisages the allocation to Ukraine $5 billion a year.

At Sloan Kubilius, subject to receipt of annual targets investments worth $5 billion increase in the economy of Ukraine may reach 6-8% of GDP.

In order for the Marshall Plan earned the desired political will of the EU. The EU Council should give the European Commission and the European investment Bank mandate for the approval of the appropriate investment plan for Ukraine.

In the “Marshall Plan” should indicate who the donors how the money will be accumulated in Ukraine and which Agency will administer those projects in Ukraine. The latter should act as a mediator between donors and implementers of projects.

Program co-Director of foreign policy and international security “Razumkov Center” Mikhail Pashkov considers that the project “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine is in its infancy, and his fate depends on many factors.

“Now to talk about specific numbers too early. The project itself is still in its infancy. Options are being discussed, so talking about specific parameters difficult. You need to focus on the investment plan of the Ukrainian government. How they will involve, only time will tell,” – said Pashkov.

According to him, this plan will seriously affect transformation in the European Union.

“I appeal to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker on EU reform, the future of the Schengen zone,” – said Pashkov.

And the prospects actually are?

The Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine, Ernst Reichel sees no funding needs of Ukraine on the example of the Marshall Plan.

“I do not agree with those who asked for a “Marshall plan” for Ukraine, for a very simple reason. At the global level, there is a lot of capital with a low interest rate. The question is how to attract this capital,” said Reichel.

But international capital will come to Ukraine in case of carrying out deep reforms.

“When you do, you will need an international government assistance from the taxpayers of other countries to support Ukraine. Because Ukraine will become a self – sufficient country for doing business”, – the diplomat added.

Economic expert Alexander Okhrimenko considers that the Marshall Plan for Ukraine is to promote the government, which has no prospects.

According to him, none of the current leadership of EU Marshall Plan didn’t even stutter, it remains a personal initiative of individual politicians.