Foresters: Stage assessed as satisfactory, there are good prerequisites

Valery Foresters commented on the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Hochfilzen.

At the end of all the races of the second round of the world Cup senior women’s team coach of Ukraine Valeriy Foresters summed up the results of the competitions in Hochfilzen.

“This stage showed that the girls have done a good summer job and have come to a good condition. They already can compete at the top level, and this step we assess as satisfactory, because there are good preconditions.

Here Lena Pidhrushna, for example, we see encouraging progress. It can work without failure and keep the speed. I hope to balance this with shooting and everything will turn out.

All summer training Pidhrushna was determined to avoid what had the last three years she. The season could have ended almost in the month of January. We tried not to force the work to hold its form until the world Cup. Lena also mentally prepared, she has ambitions to return to a good level. She was already convinced that can dial in good form and now competes with top athletes.

What with the valley happened at the finish in the relay? She had a very strong will, she was fascinated by the fight, took a good pace and a bit of muscle could not stand, as the saying goes, the mountains made their. She is not so ready functionally in this plan to tear on the last leg.

Possible rotation with the IBU Cup? We dogovarivalis about it that won’t pull Anastasia Merkushin. In Annecy we will let her call. Besides, I think it is morally at the IBU Cup now gets satisfaction when places high.

Olga Abramova is well made, Nadia Belkin showed a good result. That is, in terms of preparation for the world Cup, we already have a subs bench. With the new year there will be rotation, and will be the world Cup where we will be free probably the three places. There will definitely be viewed the girls with the IBU Cup, especially, he’s so tall. Already on the basis of these points, will form part of the preparation for the world Cup. It’s good that people tightened”, – said the Foresters.

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