Forget about the remote control: test the most popular services of Internet TV

Забудь про пульт: тест самых популярных сервисов интернет-телевидения

In the last few years Ukrainians feel a significant decrease in the quality of services and digital and satellite TV.

In the last few years Ukrainians – owners of satellite television and those who have “figure” – suffer from the fact that the subscription fee for TV day by day growing and interesting channels one after the other disappear from packages.

However, users are reluctant to transition to Internet TV, which allows for a significantly smaller money to watch TV not only on screen but also on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. In addition, subscribers to IPTV (or OTT), as it is called television broadcasting through the world wide web professionals, receive opportunities, which can only dream of “ordinary” viewers. For example, they may at any moment put the stream on pause or rewind it.

We decided to help the Ukrainian tellurites and tested IPTV the three largest operators of online TV in the country Divan.TV, Oll.TV and Megogo. We evaluated the services according to these criteria: pricing, image quality, functionality and usability of their websites and mobile applications. To be as objective as possible, comparing the work of services on two devices – the MacBook Air 2012 and the iPhone 4S.


Забудь про пульт: тест самых популярных сервисов интернет-телевидения



Minimum package from this provider – “Ether” – is 29 USD per month. It includes 47 channels, none of which are dedicated to the sport. In addition to the usual channels of public benefits and Ukrainian UFO TV, this includes four foreign news-channel and exotic Korean channel KBS World. Other subscription options Oll.TV doesn’t offer, users of the service can only to buy more theme packs. For example, selection of “Football” involves four channels with the increase of a monthly fee of 49 USD. A complicated tariff system did not add credibility to the operator.

The video quality of this IPTV service has made us nostalgic for the imported tube TV of the Millennium – with the same brightness and picture clarity, the Americans must have watched the first episode of “C. S. I.: Miami” in 2002. To check the picture quality you get only a few obscure channels that I need to work to find. For all the rest will have to buy at least the minimum subscription.

Забудь про пульт: тест самых популярных сервисов интернет-телевидения



The UI looks a bit dated. Video quality is also imperfect, but you can watch.


Забудь про пульт: тест самых популярных сервисов интернет-телевидения



Signing up for the budget package from Divan.TV – Starting – with fee 39 hryvnia, the user will get 105 channels, including five sports, four children, as well as 6 channels in HD and four in English. The most extensive VIP subscription includes 160 channels, four of which are classified as 18+. Also Divan.TV offers to buy “Film packages”: HD with a cost of UAH 99 per month, and the usual for 29 UAH per month. A more advanced subscription includes the full range of Viasat TV1000 channels, which are the best Hollywood movies, movies in English and other thematic channels.

Have Divan.TV there is a curious feature of the recommendations which is in section “TV.The archive”. She “tells” personally to each user, what interesting things he can see on TV now and in the record. This saves time when you don’t know what film or program you want to watch.

The service is available preview. You can see the quality of the broadcast of all channels on Divan.TV for free without any registration, which is a competitive advantage in comparison with other services.

Have Divan.TV a more pleasant interface than Oll.TV but there is a distinct lack. Despite the fact that the picture is good, the movie library is not very big, but is updated every day (more than 100 films per day). Not necessarily have to view the database of 5,000 movies if they can’t see. Instead Divan.TV there is a section “Best of the week”, which contains the top movies and shows for the current week.


Забудь про пульт: тест самых популярных сервисов интернет-телевидения



On Megogo can be issued light, optimum, and maximum subscription to film and TV. Cheapest – 37 hryvnia per month. By paying this amount, you will get 105 channels. However, among them there will be Animal Planet, Discovery, Viasat, TV1000, and sports channels – just two. Unfortunately, the cheapest package is not supported and HD quality. All this is available only for premium membership, which is 147 USD, but includes all 153 of the channel. Megogo are available on your TV, smartphone or tablet.

You can not, how could we test the quality of the picture. Megogo immediately offers to buy them a pack for just 1 hryvnia. Although if you look carefully at the payment window, you can detect the condition of automatic renewal of license fee in the amount of UAH 77 next month. This amount will simply debit your card and will be debited every month without further consent.

Also, if you watch TV from your smartphone, you will immediately be prompted to register minimum package for 2.99 $

In the end

During testing it is best proved to OTT service Divan.TV. He surpassed the competitors in terms of price and quality and did not elicit comments on the part of the user-friendliness of the website and mobile apps. In addition, we were impressed by the TV Archive section of the recommendation which suggests what to see without spending time searching.

Among all services, the highest quality picture showed Divan.TV and the mediocre – Oll.TV.