Former boxer in Africa privselyudno executed to death

Бывшего боксера в Африке привселюдно казнили до смерти

Women of the village are tired of the constant robberies.

Former champion Africa South African Monelisi “Leli” Bilasa was killed in a brutal way. Boxer, who was considered the leader of the gang from a neighboring district, was stoned in the village Mdantsane.

Mbrace caught after the attack on the train at the two women. After those attacks came to the village, gathered all the girls and found in the thickets of a boxer, when he tried to change and hide the stolen bag. His accomplices managed to escape, but Manelisi loaded into a wheelbarrow and brought him to the local municipality, “as a warning to others”.

The battered ex-boxer police and medics hardly “stealing” from people who were going to douse him with gasoline and burned, and was taken to the hospital, where he died.

The brother of the deceased said that he was addicted to drugs and “thought only of how to get a new dose.”

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According to the materials: