Former Chelsea coach will be headed by Aston Villa – media

Бывший тренер Челси возглавит Астон Виллу - СМИ

Di Matteo want to see in Aston Villa

Roberto Di Matteo will try to return to Aston Villa in the Premier League.

As reported by Sky Sports, in the coming days in Aston Villa will be a change of owners. The Birmingham club will be sold to Chinese businessmen who intend to invest in the team.

Negotiations are already in an advanced stage, and the Chairman of the Board of Aston Villa has already departed to China to finalize the transaction.

Future owners of the Birmingham people have already decided on the coach. It is expected that the team will be headed by Roberto Di Matteo, who is now without a job.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that cancer of the winning player will return to Aston Villa.

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