Former sponsor Svitolina called the mother of Lopatichi guilty of injury to daughter

Бывший спонсор Свитолиной назвал маму Лопатецкой виновной в травме дочери

Sapronov thinks that the mother chasing money price the health of the daughter.

Former Vice-President of the tennis Federation of Ukraine and the former sponsor of Elina Svitolina and Yuri Sapronov, spoke harshly about severe injuries Daria Lopatichi, accusing the incident of her mother.

“Yesterday Dasha was operated in Italy. The operation was paid for Elina Svitolina. Quietly, without pathos, and made a noble cause. Thank you Elina for humanity. Dasha speedy and successful recovery and rehabilitation. After the meniscal tear is not easy.

Operated on the meniscus and the damaged joint. You will need to learn to walk before you learn to run, then play tennis. Rehabilitation 6 months abroad Pro is 20-25 thousand euros. Contract Dasha no. Sponsor no.

Now tough, but the truth – while Dasha’s mother, Anna Filonenko, will organize training and competitive processes, causing the daughter to play 3-4 consecutive weeks of tournaments – nothing.

Honored coach of Ukraine, Director of Unikarta Valeriy Burko and coaches Igor Prudkin and Denys Leleko must find the strength to completely remove the mother of Dasha, who is chasing fast money and sacrificing the health of his daughter, from tennis. Well, you’re a Pro! Otherwise, we will lose the Dasha.

Motivation series 3-4 tournaments in a row since the autumn of last year is clear – to enter by may 1 in the TOP 200, which gives the right to play adult qualification Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. But why? 16.

Mother’s race was over by the end of this season for Dashi in may, I do not know of cases of recovery after the operation faster 6 months” – wrote on his page the former Vice-President of the Ukrainian tennis Federation.

Earlier it was reported that Svitolina has paid Lopatichi operation.

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