Formula 1. Grand Prix of Belgium. Quotes of the weekend

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда highlights the most interesting comments after the thirteenth stage of the Royal Motorsport.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Nico Rosberg (1st): “I am delighted to win at the legendary track in Spa! The weekend was not easy, had a long time to work on the settings, but the race went perfectly. Cut on the Medium tyres really, but after starting on the Soft I was quite comfortable. The car went fantastically – thanks to the team for excellent work!

Cool that Lewis managed to get to third place is a great result. The Dutch fans who came to support Verstappen, created a fantastic atmosphere, but don’t worry, Max is still young, he’s got a lot of successful races.

To the stage in Monza only a few days. Today fines Lewis made it easy for me, but next weekend he will once again claim victory – the struggle is expected to interesting!”

Lewis Hamilton (3rd): “If before the start you promised me third place for all the fines I received, I would definitely agree! In fact, I did not expect such a result, because no idea what would happen. But I started the race with a positive attitude, and it all came together by itself. Yes, the task was difficult, but we responded great – I am proud of every member of our team! The fight in the second half of the season has just begun!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда

Red Bull

Daniel ricciardo (2nd): “I’m happy with the result. I knew that a podium is very real. Guarantees can not be, but I was sure if we can repeat the pace we showed on the long series on Friday, we will be very competitive. Given the start of Hamilton at the end of the peloton, the second was quite capable – and it did. I really wanted to win, but Niko was too fast, so my second place is the maximum possible result for us”.

Max Verstappen (11th): “a Bad day. The start was not the way I wanted, and when I took the inner radius in the first turn, I was blocked by the racers Ferrari in the incident suffered front wing and the bottom, which seriously undermined the handling of the car and decided the fate of my race. I did everything to win, trying to please the fans who came to support me, but could not earn points. Well, Daniel was on the podium, so for the team race turned out to be effective”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда

Force India

Nico Hulkenberg (4th): “Today the team has achieved impressive results, I am very happy fourth! Yes, the circumstances were somewhat unusual, but we took advantage of the opportunity and earned the important points.

We had a little fought with Alonso on the exit of the pit lane, but I managed to stay ahead and hold fourth place. Maybe lay down a little different, we could reach the podium, but I’m still happy with the result!”.

Sergio Perez (5th): “a Great day for the team, I’m happy to fifth place, although the race from the start was very difficult. In the first turn I shifted to the outer radius, but was forced to shift wider to avoid the scene of the incident that cost me positions and I fell back to ninth place, badly damaging his situation.

Output to fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship – a fantastic achievement for Force India, but do not relax – until the end of the season is still far away. I hope we will maintain the positive momentum and will act on the same level!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Sebastian Vettel (6th): “I had a great start, came in second place, had the advantage of half a length of the machine and could dictate terms. I haven’t seen Kimi since he was in the “blind area”, and Verstappen went to the right and also out of my review. I don’t think that max’s plan had at least some perspective – he didn’t allow Kimi to take the inner radius, which prevented them both to pass normally into the first corner. The three of us faced each other, and this was bad news for me and Kimi.

Max started badly, began to lose ground – we have seen in previous years that if you’re trying to squeeze in on the inner edge of the first corner in Spa, you inevitably go in a straight line. The cars ahead has the advantage, max would have to understand it – he just could not thus get a turn, to prevent the collision. I don’t think that me and Kimi need to change something – we respect each other, it’s just that today our cars collide”.

Kimi Raikkonen (9th): “In the first turn Sebastian did not see that on the inside was another car. He expected that I would be able to turn, but I had nowhere to go, since I was sandwiched between two opponents. In the end, we collided, after which the car was extremely unstable. The bottom was damaged, I managed to win a few seats, but it was very difficult.

I like open fight and battle wheel to wheel, but I believe that today, in turn Eau Rouge Verstappen acted correctly. I raced at full speed, but was forced to slow down before the fifth turn, when he just blocked my path. With other drivers I have nothing like this has happened, and if I hadn’t slammed on the brakes, the case would have ended in a serious collision. It’s not the result we had hoped for, but these are races.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Fernando Alonso (7th): “an Interesting race, I loved it. We showed a good pace, performed better than expected. Yesterday Jenson has qualified in the top ten, today I earned points. Believe me, a few months ago we could not think about like – that is real progress.

It’s nice to get ahead of Toro Rosso in the Cup of designers – I think we regularly earn points. This weekend confirmed the team’s progress – we are moving in the right direction.”

Jenson button (come down): “Today we had a good chance of points – it’s a shame that you did not earn them, but trouble sometimes happen. I speak long enough to understand it.

I had a good start, passed the Williams, Red bull, caught up with Force India, but too wide out of La Source, losing many places. I managed to get back on track, but in the fifth rotation in my car hit Wehrlein. Damage to the machine is not allowed to continue the fight. After such a short race I have nothing more to say.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Valtteri Bottas (8th): “Bad day – it’s a shame to miss the opportunities that appeared in the beginning of the race. After the start, we have held high positions and, when the road appeared car security, I had immediately to go into the pits. In the end we lost a lot of places, the remaining part of the race did everything in our power, I’m glad I was able to earn at least some points, but overall the result is disappointing”.

Felipe Massa (10th): “Tough race. It was difficult to monitor the condition of the tires and monitor the pressure in them, as well as stay on track for a long time. While the rubber were effective, we fought for a good position, but as soon as the tires start to wear, the chance is gone”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Esteban Gutierrez (12th): “not Quite the result expected by the team. We fought hard, to break into the top ten prize, and let to do this have failed, we worked steadily.

The car had good balance and speed – you need to keep these factors in the upcoming races. I thank the team – the guys did a great job in the pits. I can’t be happy with 12th place, but we will continue to attack.”

Romain Grosjean (13th): “I had a good start and confidently spent the first lap, but in the initial phase of the race the car lacked the maximum speed – something not worked on fixing the problem took a lot of time. The final segment was good, I played a significant portion of the backlog, but the losses were too serious”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда

Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat (14th): “I attacked hard and after red flags, there was even some hope for points. We found the optimal approach to the tires, but the car had enough speed on the straights, which was particularly evident after the second pit stop. It is a pity that the result was exactly, but we can honestly say that they did their best”.

Carlos Sainz (went): “what a shame to go the distance because of a puncture! It was one of the best starts in my career, to the end of the first round I played seven positions and was driving the seventh, but early in the second round drove through the wreckage, and after Eau Rouge bus exploded. It was not the best moment of my life, especially after such a good start”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Jolyon Palmer (15th): “We had a good qualification and had a good start in the race – at some point both cars struggled in the top ten. We could have done better, but the departure of the safety car affected the alignment of forces.

I saw the crash Kevin in the rear view mirror. It was frustrating because it happened on a very fast lane. I’m glad he’s all right.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Esteban (16th): “I was very proud, having left on the starting grid, and very pleased to see the chequered flag. Today I will remember for a lifetime. I am very pleased with how my first Grand Prix.

In the first round much has happened – it was crazy. It was hard for me to stay away from it, but to attack and fight for position. In Formula 1, everything happens very quickly. It was not easy to cope with a red flag, but most importantly, Kevin is all right. I think today we did the maximum possible, so I am satisfied with 16th place and finish ahead of Zauber. I thank all the team for a great weekend and look forward to the continuation!”.

Pascal Wehrlein (fell): “I’m really lucky. In the fifth rotation ahead of the two riders fought for position, and later slowed down and lost the path, so I tried to overtake them on the outside in the sixth turn. Then they both returned to the path, and when I saw it, I wanted to slow down and drive around them, but could not avoid the accident. I am very unhappy with this, but it can happen on the first lap, when you start in the middle of the peloton. That’s part of racing, and I’m not complaining – I’ll be in Monza wanted to start from such a position”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Цитаты уик-энда


Felipe Nasr (17th): “the Failed segment. I had a good start, played a few places and for some time drove the eleventh, but due to the large amount of debris on the track punctured a wheel. An early pit stop ruined the race, in addition, the underbody and diffuser were damaged by debris, which affected the speed. You need to quickly switch attention on preparing for the race at Monza”.

Marcus Ericsson (has gone): “a Difficult day. On the way to the starting grid had problems with the cooling system – I had to make adjustments and, as a consequence, to start from the pit lane. I confidently passed the first round, began to catch up with rivals, but the third round suddenly lost sixth gear and was forced to go the distance”.

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