Formula 1. Grand Prix of Belgium. Rosberg confidently won the race in Spa

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

Nico Rosberg

Mercedes racer Nico Rosberg has won the thirteenth stage of the world championship, which took place on the track “Spa-Francorchamps”.

As we wrote earlier in qualifying, several drivers lost their positions on the starting grid due to various fines. Three pilots were fined for the replacement of power plants, namely, Erickson, Hamilton and Alonso. But Gutierrez was penalized five positions for the incident in Saturday’s training, when the Mexican tough and dangerous has locked Wehrlein.

Thus, the starting grid looks like this: Rosberg, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel, ricciardo, Perez, Hulkenberg, Bottas, button, Massa, Grosjean, Magnussen, Palmer, Sainz, Wehrlein, Nasr, Windows, Gutierrez, Kvyat, Hamilton and Alonso, but Erickson decided to start the race from the pit lane.

Note that Alonso and Hamilton started on hard tyres – Medium, Verstappen, Perez, Hulkenberg, Bottas, button and Massa on the Supersoft, and the other on Soft. Here are a variety of strategies and tactics chosen team.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

At the start of the race in the first corner faced two cars Ferrari, and in this encounter suffered Max Verstappen, which damaged the front wing and cut off the turn “Red water”. Rosberg got a great start and he confidently took the lead in the race. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg came in second place, followed by ricciardo and the two Williams car. On the second lap Raikkonen after contact and turn in the first corner and got to the pit lane, but when replacing the front wing and he fired up the underside and mechanics are too long fiddling with the car Finn. Vettel has also been in the pits and was in 16th place.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

On the second lap from Sainz busted rear tire and fell off the right rear wing strut. The young Spaniard tried to get to pit lane, but almost had an accident in the beginning of the second sector and eventually stopped outside the track. Also, in addition to Carlos, the race was over for Arixona (puncture rear tyres), Button and Wehrlein. On the second lap button dangerous braked before Wehrlein and that it was rammed, in the end, the machine of the British jumped into the air and they both went down due to damage cars.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

And that was not all: on the sixth lap Kevin Magnussen lost the car at the exit of “red water”, after which his car just stuck in protective barrier of tires. Fortunately with Dane all right, and he left the car, though limping on the left leg. Well, on the track appeared car security, which many riders went to the pit lane to change tires. Thus, Rosberg remained in the lead, and behind him is Riccardo, Hulkenberg, Alonso and Hamilton.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

After three laps, the race direction has announced to stop the race, hung out at the track the red flags. All the racers gathered along the pit lane, and drivers have the right to replace the tyres without losing their positions. Also note that the FIA announced that Magnussen’s damaged left ankle and possibly knee. While stationary in the pit lane tyres replaced all drivers: Rosberg, Perez, Verstappen and Windows switched to a Medium, and the rest is Soft.

At the 11th round was given a restart and the race continued with the participation of 17 cars. One lap later Hamilton passed Alonso, Hulkenberg ahead of quata in the struggle for 8-e a place. Meanwhile Verstappen in a very hard style to defend themselves against Raikkonen, who was forced into the 11th round and 12th round to direct the Dutchman just blocked him, what tough Finnish driver had complained to his engineer on the actions of the riders Red bull.

In 17-m round Vettel continued his breakthrough with a 12-th place, and got to the 8-th line, ahead of riders Haas, Bottas and Kvyat. Meanwhile Hamilton in the fight for third place with activated DRS and slip stream on the long straight ahead of Hulkenberg. 18-lap Verstappen visited the pit lane, change on the Soft and returned to the track last. Raikkonen on the 20th lap on the straight coped with Grosjean and came in 12th place. One lap later Hamilton complained about the car from slipping and immediately dived into pit lane for fresh tyres – Soft, back on the road 9th in front of uncompromising Gutierrez. Note that Lewis lost at the pit stop about two extra seconds because of a hitch. Also in the pit lane visited Kvyat, who set a Medium and he returned to the track last. Meanwhile, Mercedes ordered Rosberg to up the pace, because they are moving to plan B. Nasr being on the 13th place cut off the turn and got a five second penalty from the Directorate of the race for the advantage.

Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

On the 24th lap a lot of riders visited the pits and between Alonso and Hulkenberg there was a dangerous situation when they both tried to win a position in the narrow exit from the pit lane and in the end there was a little contact, while Nico just drove through white tunately, which is prohibited by the rules of F1. Riccardo also visited the pit lane and switched to a Medium and was two seconds ahead of Hamilton. On the 27th lap on the pit-lane was replaced by rubber race leader Nico Rosberg, who returned to the track on Medium and with a gap from ricciardo in nine seconds. Meanwhile, Vettel and Bottas were Verstappen, after which the Dutchman is the fourth time in 28 laps went by the tyre.

On the 33rd lap, Hamilton once again visited pit lane, and then returned to the track in fourth position, behind Hulkenberg, though through the circle regained the third place. Meanwhile, Vettel on the same straight line has done a Lot with Alonso coming in sixth place.

Five laps to go, Rosberg was the leader with a lead of 13 seconds from ricciardo, who also had the advantage over Hamilton to 15 seconds. Behind them marched confidently Hulkenberg and Perez, who once again confirmed his potential on motor highways, in contrast to the pilots Williams, who were in 8th and 9th places.

Thus, Nico Rosberg won the Grand Prix of Belgium and this victory was his 20th in his career, sixth this season and first on the track “Spa-Francorchamps”. Second went to Daniel Ricardo, and the third to cross the finish line in third place, breaking from the last place.

The fourth and fifth finished both cars Force India Niko Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. Also in the top ten got Vettel, Alonso, Bottas, Raikkonen and Massa. Thanks to this success of Force India ahead of Williams in the fight for fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship, McLaren bypassed the Toro Rosso and climbed to sixth place.


Формула-1. Гран-при Бельгии. Росберг уверенно выиграл гонку в Спа

The same news on Formula 1. Grand Prix of Belgium. Rosberg has confidently won the race at Spa!

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