Formula-1. Halo will become mandatory next year

Формула-1. Хало станет обязательным в следующем году

System protection cabin Halo will be used throughout next season, and will become mandatory for each car.

The bosses of Formula 1 have preferred the protection system of Halo, first introduced by Ferrari team, before Aerocrine – the idea of team Red bull. During a meeting of the Commission on technical regulation, which consisted of representatives of the teams and F1 race Director Charlie Whiting, it was agreed that Aeroastro still insufficiently tested in order to widely introduce it in the next season.

As for Halo, the system is tested for a long time and is well proven. Thus, it was decided that from next year, all Formula will be equipped with it.

Nevertheless, the presented Red bull Aeroastro received a lot of accolades from themselves as racers and fans who believe that aesthetically this system looks much better protection. With regard to security and practical benefit from it, then it was pretty hard to say, since the test took far too little time.

The Commission adopted the Halo, but studies around Aerocrine will actively continue and, perhaps, after one season all the cars will be equipped with this system.

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