Formula-1. Ricciardo: engine power – not the main thing

Формула-1. Риккьярдо: мощность двигателя – не главное

Daniel Ricciardo

Pilot Red bull Daniel Ricciardo who showed the best result at the first training session before Grand Prix of Monaco, said that his success depended on more “confidence” than a new engine.

Ricciardo got ahead of the pilot of the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton by 0.6 seconds using a new engine from Renault, but the Australian believes that the engine gave it the advantage of only 0.1-0.2 seconds.

“Obviously, my confidence in the car increased, and that more than anything,” said Daniel. – We have a really good car. I think this result is halfway to his credit, and half is mine.”

“See how it goes qualifications. Today I am happy, but this is definitely not the limit. I’m sure you can achieve even more if we do their best”.

“Everything will depend on what the track will be on Saturday. If it will not change much, and my result will not be worse. Let’s wait until Saturday”.

“Victory in qualifying – it’s definitely my goal. I feel it’s my time, and this is the best track in order to show themselves. On this track everything is decided by the diligence and confidence.”

“I think Mercedes will add more and get close, but hopefully I can stay ahead,” said Ricciardo.

When the Aussie asked for a new engine, he replied: “It is not six-tenths faster, I know this for sure. Sure, he’s just a little more speed”.

“I’d say he is somewhere between one or two tenths at the moment. Its possible we have yet to discover in the future, but at the moment I think so,” concluded Ricciardo.

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