Formula 1. Ricciardo: the New rules – into the hands of Red Bull

Формула-1. Риккьярдо: Новые правила – на руку Ред Буллу

Daniel Ricciardo

Racer Red bull’s Daniel Ricciardo believes that introducing the next season of change in F1 will increase the chances of his team to succeed

At the moment, Ricciardo is at home in Australia, and the majority of free time with my family and friends. However, Daniel is already preparing for next season, which will be more challenging for pilots because of the new regulations.

According to Daniel, he will try to gather all the necessary information for engineers to make qualitative changes in the car. In addition, the new design of the car itself will play into the hands of Red Bull.

“The team will ask me to provide them certain information,’ said Ricciardo. I will most likely be able to give them data to improve driving comfort, but hardly advise something regarding the design of the car. Honestly, I still not sufficiently ripe to give some advice to the engineers.”

“As I said, we hope that the new rules will give us a certain advantage and will play in our favor. In the new year a great role in the efficiency of the car will play its aerodynamics, and in this component we’re the best,” said Daniel.

At the end of last season Daniel took second place in the overall drivers ‘ championship, losing to a team from Mercedes in the person of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.


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