Formula 1. Rosberg — Formula 1 world champion, 2016!

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

Nico Rosberg

Racer Mercedes Lewis Hamilton won the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi, but the world champion was his teammate Nico Rosberg.

Start with the starting grid of the final stage of Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, which has not suffered any changes compared to yesterday’s qualifications, which was held in a peaceful atmosphere without major incidents.

As for tires riders, the top ten soft tyres UltraSoft, except for the two pilots of Red bull, which the tires SuperSoft. Next UltraSoft chose Bottas, Palmer, Wehrlein, SuperSoft for Gutierrez, Kvyat, Nasr and Sainz, Soft of Button, Grosjean, Magnussen, Windows and Erikson.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

For the two leaders of the start of the race went very well: Hamilton kept the first place and Rosberg ran after him. Just behind Verstappen on the harder set could not hold out between the two Ferraris and after small contact with parallel-running Force India of Hulkenberg Dutchman deployed at the exit of the first turn. A good start came from Palmer, who played a couple of positions. Well, the first who visited the pit lane was Magnussen, who broke his front wing.

In the third round in the fight for ninth place, Bottas was a Lot of beautiful, and a little behind Verstappen in last place broke to a 14-th line. A few laps later Massa in the same place (between the two straight with DRS) ahead of its teammate. Well, Magnussen said that he needs to get back to the pits and go the distance. And on the seventh round out of the race Valtteri Bottas due to technical problems.

At the end of the seventh lap the race leader Hamilton visited the pit lane and switched to the Soft tyres, also in the pits visited Sainz, Wehrlein, Raikkonen, Alonso and Palmer and all with tyres with yellow rims. The terms later have done the same thing Rosberg, Vettel, Hulkenberg. Note that the two pilots of the Silver arrows was a little hitch at the pit stop, due to the fact that they missed the racers Ferrari.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

Meanwhile, the race was headed by Riccardo, who suddenly in the 10th round turned into the pit lane after the best lap in the race. Hamilton again took the lead, but Rosberg was stuck behind Verstappen. Also behind was a good fight with Raikkonen, ricciardo.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

On the 12th lap on the car of Jenson Button, for whom this race could be the last second-straight with DRS broke mount front right wheel and he was forced to go the distance. Then on the 16th lap of the race came Russian Daniel Quat from Toro Rosso, whose car has broken gearbox.

On the 19th lap, ricciardo tried to pass Raikkonen in the seventh turn, but parathormone and Finn kept his position, and behind the Aussie continued to roll Vettel.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

Circle after Rosberg had the attack on Verstappen braking eighth of a turn, but Max kept the second place, right on acceleration, Nico was faster and pulled ahead. On the next lap Verstappen rolled into the pits for new Soft tyres, also in the pits and visited Palmer. On the 24th lap at the second pit-stop turned and Riccardo, who put a new set of tires Soft. Unclear situation with Red bull racing regarding the Aussie – why was it necessary to break in the third segment on SuperSoft and not to use this in the race?

At the end of the 28th lap the race leader and current world champion Hamilton turned on the second pit stop and regained the Soft tyres, after which he returned to the track in third. Behind him, through the circle was called into the pits and his team-mate Rosberg. After these pit stops, Vettel was leading the race and Hamilton with Rosberg was driving behind him in the two seconds between them.

In the area of 34-35 laps, the situation on the highway was quiet, except for the middle of the peloton, where Hulkenberg and Perez direct easily dealt with Alonso and the Spaniard dropped to ninth place. Meanwhile in the pits, Ferrari solved a difficult problem with the Vettel to call him at the second pit-stop or to go to the finish line. And on 38-th round of the German still visit the pit lane, he put the SuperSoft tyres and he returned to the track sixth. Meanwhile, in the ninth turn collided Nasr and Windows, and then from the wing Esteban came off a piece of the front wing. Note that the 39-lap Marcus Ericsson at Sauber for the first time visited the pit lane and switched to the SuperSoft, riding on 17-m a place.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

At the 43rd round of the Palmer braking literally carried and launched Carlos Sainz with locked wheels. Instantly Jolyon rolled into the pits to replace the nose cone, but the science and all came as the Briton damaged his gearbox. Another failure of the team Toro Rosso, which is the entire weekend was plagued with failures. During this collision, the pilot of Reno received a five second penalty from the Directorate of the race.

46-th circle Vettel on the softer tyres SuperSoft carried out a successful attack on Daniel ricciardo took the lead after the 11th turn.

Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!

Six laps before the finish Vettel, closely pursued Verstappen in the fight for third place between Hamilton and Rosberg was just a second. Between Nico and max was about one and a half tenths of a second.

On 51-m range Vettel went to Verstappen in the 11th turn after the second DRS and was already on the tail of Rosberg, who in turn kept leading Hamilton. Meanwhile, the two teammate manor Windows and Wehrlein collided in the 11-m turn, but both continued the race cutting off the corner.

Thus, the pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins the last stage of the championship Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, and his teammate Nico Rosberg finishes second, and for the first time in his career becoming the world champion in Formula 1!

Nico becomes champion of the world 34 years after his father Keke Rosberg. It is curious that Damon hill became champion in 34 years after his father. Also note that for the first time at the Royal motor racing world champion was not the pilot who won ten races in the season.

The third crossed the finish line Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. Also points in today’s race earned Max Verstappen, Daniel ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.


Формула-1. Росберг — чемпион Формулы-1 2016!The same news on Formula 1. Rosberg — Formula 1 world champion, 2016!

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