Formula 1. Season results: Haas – successful debut

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют

Completed season of the Royal race and sums up the American team peloton — Haas.

Expectation and reality

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют

When it became known that in Formula 1 to receive the American team, many experts and fans immediately recalled a bad debuts modest teams, for example: manor, Caterham and HRT.

Ambitious team owner gene Haas invited a team of such experienced professionals like Gunther Steiner (former technical Director of Jaguar and Red bull), Ben Agathangelou (former aide to Steiner) and Rob Taylor (ex-engineer Red bull and McLaren). Plus, this team has had stable funding. Plus, the team immediately began to cooperate and to purchase items, to cooperate closely with Dallaras and Ferrari. Red gave Americans the powertrain, electronics, suspension and gearbox, and Dallara has provided other parts. Such attitude and groundwork guaranteed Haas a good performance in the first season at the Royal Motorsport.

The debut season was successful. In the first Grand Prix in Australia, the pilot Haas was incredibly lucky. Frenchman Romain Grosjean had a great start and drove the entire race without pit stops, which helped him to finish in a brilliant sixth place. The Frenchman was lucky – he changed the tires during a stop of all cars on the pit lane after the accident, Alonso and Gutierrez. Then followed an excellent performance at the Grand Prix of Bahrain, where the same Grosjean took fifth place and earned the team ten points that immediately they have secured in the constructors ‘ championship from the fight with Sauber and Manor. Then had a good race in Russia and Austria, where the points earned again Grosjean, but his team-mate Esteban Gutierrez all the time something prevented.

After these races the us team only once managed to earn glasses – it was held in Austin, where Grosjean got another credit score. In General, the machine is a Haas-built dream couple with Ferrari was great, but the updates during the season were forced to be.

The main problem teams have brakes that broke in races almost every stage of that painful beat on the ambitions of the racers and other personnel.

In the end, team USA scored 29 points, which allowed her to take a high as a beginner in eighth place in the constructors ‘ championship, ahead of such experienced players like Renault and Zauber. Overall, gene Haas there is something to be proud of after the debut season in Formula 1.

The performances of the pilots of the team Haas

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют


Romain Grosjean

Esteban Gutierrez

Held Grand Prix



Place in individual competition






The best result in the race

5th (Bahrain)

11th (Spain, Austria,

Germany, Singapore)

Quick circles



To finish ahead of teammate






Victory in the qualification



The best result in qualifying

7th (Brazil)

10-e (Italy, Japan)

To get to the second segment



Getting into the third segment



Switched from Renault Romain Grosjean did not regret their choice, because U.S. team, he was a real leader, and on points a lot more than the racers Renault both are taken. The Frenchman was the only one who did gain points for Haas, that helped him in relations with management, which has extended a contract with him.

Speaking of Esteban Gutierrez, his situation is dire. A look at the main index glasses, which had “zero”. Mexican lost in the net according to this indicator the Frenchman. In defense of Mexican, you can say that he has more often had a technical problem with the machine, but it was evident that the French are head and shoulders above his counterparts. Another shortcoming of the Mexican, for which it will remember for a long time, it’s “his favorite blue flags”. On Gutierrez received a lot of complaints, because he often ignored blue flags which many of the leaders lost at their own pace. In General Gutierrez bad season and because of this, the user Haas has not extended him a contract for next season. The Mexican still has a chance to stay in Formula 1, as long as there are vacancies to Mercedes, Zauber and manor.

Best Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют

For Haas there are two races which were the best in his debut season. At the first Grand Prix in Melbourne, the Frenchman took advantage of a pit stop under the red flag and finished in sixth place.

In Bahrain it was even better – the Frenchman has shown great pace and great job with the tires on the starting interval of the soft rubber. Grosjean was literally flying on the track in Sakhir, spending a cool overtaking pilots Williams, Red bull and McLaren. As a result, a magnificent fifth place at the finish, which was the best in the season. His teammate Gutierrez also had a good pace, but on the 10th lap had problems with the brakes and he went the distance.

The worst Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют

Worst race for Haas was in Malaysia, where for the first time in its history, both pilots dropped out of the race before reaching the finish line. After qualifying that the pilots finished in 12th and 13th places were able to get into the points, but alas…

Already on the seventh round, Grosjean flew into a gravel trap due to problems with the brakes, but in the middle of the race descended Gutierrez, who mechanics nedokrutil wheel and through the circle it fell off directly on the track.

Expectations from the season-2017

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Хаас – удачный дебют

The 2016 was a success for the American team Haas, despite the numerous challenges that were worth points on some of the Grand Prix. What will happen in season 2017 – unknown, but obviously that will be much harder.

Fortunately the team has experienced professionals who should help the team to build a competitive car, at least to hold the eighth place in the Cup of designers. Ahead of the more experienced teams in the form of McLaren, Force India and Williams behind ambitious team Renault with strong funding, which clearly wants and can count on more than a fight against outsiders.

Another good news is that the team will be equal to the class of pilots, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, who decided to move to Haas from the factory of the concern Renault.

The team Haas will have to create a good plan for updates during the season, because in this League it is with this aspect arose too many problems. Perhaps this is due to a small number of staff, but this must be addressed because the main competitors from the list above in the next season expect a greater efficiency than this. In General, expect a good performance next season, which should be not worse than that.

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