Formula 1. Season results: Zauber — the crisis continues…

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…

Completed season of the Royal race and summarizes the results for the Swiss team peloton – Zauber.

Expectation and reality

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…

For the third consecutive season, the Swiss team under the leadership Monesi, Kaltenborn can’t show off good results, even compete with the middle group of the peloton is a huge problem.

Already pre-season tests it became clear that from the Swiss stables should not expect anything good. First, part of a test team missed, as there was no unfinished cars due to poor financial situation. Second, the tests the machine was there but from last year she was distinguished only by an index of documents was C34, and C35 was. At the same time their main competitor the manor passed to the most powerful engines Formula 1 – Mercedes, that was another blow to the ambitions of the Swiss.

Mid-season the team simply walked technical Department, as there was no funding. Tests during the championship, the team missed due to lack of new products for the machine. At this time the manor was regularly brought news and tried to rectify the situation, and they in some measure succeeded, especially in Austria, where Wehrlein got one point and sent Zauber in last place in the Cup of designers.

Relief for the Swiss came in the fall, when the team was bought by the new owners who have poured their finances, which allowed the stables to bring updates and to compete for points. In the end, Zauber fought to the last and in Brazil went wonder heavy rain, which brought the desired result. Felipe Nasr has earned the crucial two points, which allowed to circumvent the manor in the constructors ‘ championship and get the prize money from Bernie Ecclestone.

The performances of the pilots Zauber

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…


Felipe Nasr

Marcus Ericsson

Held Grand Prix



Place in individual competition






The best result in the race

9th (Brazil)

11th (Mexico)

Quick circles



To finish ahead of teammate






Victory in the qualification



The best result in qualifying

16 (China, Hungary)

15 (China, Mexico)

To get to the second segment



Getting into the third segment



If you look at the statistical results of the season, best on the track by far was the Swedish racer Marcus Ericsson, but the main hero for the Swiss team was the Brazilian Felipe Nasr.

Compared to last season, Marcus has added much. This was evident as the race for the long haul, and qualifications. In the first part of the season his team-mate Felipe talked a lot about what his car had a flaw in the suspension and therefore, he’s slower than the Swede, but even after her replacement, the situation was in favor of Marcus.

Best Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…

When choosing the best race of the season, the question was not, as in one stage of the whole calendar of the championship, the Swiss team scored points. Several times in season one of the pilots Zauber took place close to the points, but always something was missing.

And here at the Grand Prix of Brazil went terrible rain and it seemed the last row of the starting grid will not bring anything good, quite the opposite has happened. The race was stopped several times, many were confused with tactics, a lot of people didn’t get to finish, including an experienced Raikkonen and Massa. In the end, the Brazilian from Zauber did not once again call on the pit-stop in the middle of the race, which allowed him to leave in the middle of the peloton and due to the difficult conditions for overtaking, he kept on saving the ninth line, which brought him the coveted 10th place in the constructors ‘ championship.

The worst Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…

If we talk about the worst racing team Zauber in 2016, there will be a full basket, but one “outlier”. Of course, we are talking about the Monaco Grand Prix, a stage that gives chances to all teams to make a miracle. For the Swiss team that backfired in the worst way.

In the middle of the race in Monte Carlo Swede Marcus Ericsson was driving the best pace in contrast to his partner Brazilian Felipe Nasr, who was ahead of them. The team with the bridge asked Nasr to miss his partner, but he first demanded an explanation, and then still agreed, but unfortunately, at this point the Swede had had enough.

Eventually Marcus reached into the crack between the wall and the car Nasr in turn “Raskas” where there was contact between the two pilots of the team Zauber. The result is both drivers out of the race due to problems with the machine. After the race Marcus and Felipe complained not stopping each other, but soon it was forgotten and they continued to fight for points.

Expectations from the season-2017

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Заубер — кризис продолжается…

With the main problem of the season the team found out that new investors and in 10th place in the constructors ‘ championship, which precisely guarantee the Swiss performance in the season 2017.

Another problem the next season is last year’s Ferrari engines that the team will use and it will not be able to rely on the updates that will cause great disappointment in the second part of the season. An example of Toro Rosso in this plan is suitable for 100%.

Next season teams will be much more dependent on aerodynamic innovations, and the issue with upgrading engines will be in second place, but if the updates will work, then it may seriously hit by the Swiss. The only chance of Sauber, is the maximum number of possible points in the first half of the season, when the advantage of a good engine. These points can be a saving grace for the team, Kaltenborn Monesi.

Another issue is the composition of the riders for the next season. From the first pilot figured out is the Swede Marcus Ericsson, who extended his contract for one season with the help of his stable of sponsors.

With the second pilot – still a problem. Brazilian Felipe Nasr has lost its main sponsor in the person of Banco do Brasil and its future in the Royal Motorsport is a big question. The main contender for a place in the team until the end of the season was the young German Pascal Wehrlein, but after the sensational departure of Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, Pascal may get a chance to play for a championship team. Thus, there are still two candidates is Nasr, who has a problem with the sponsor and the ex-pilot Haas Esteban Gutierrez, who yet free.

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