Formula 1. The announcement of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

In the next weekend will be the final stage in the calendar of the Royal race.

About expectations of the weekend…

For the first time the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi took place in the 2009 season, so this is quite a new stage in the Royal calendar of Motorsport. The racetrack, “Yas Marina” built on an artificial island located in the Persian Gulf, near the capital of Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

This Grand Prix special treatment, but as to the stages in Bahrain and Singapore, as it is also considered a night, though the start of the race takes place in the light of day, but after about 30-40 minutes the sun sets and the riders continue to fight under artificial lighting. Plus interesting pit lane, the exit of which passes through a small tunnel in a narrow place. And the last one was right on the highway erected five-star hotel, designed for 550 rooms.

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

Also across the road built a bridge that connects the two wings of the hotel and which you can safely watch the race. At night the hotel is illuminated by a complex lighting system, which is constantly pouring colors, and during a finish of a building is illuminated by the effect of a large checkered flag.

The current pilots of the Grand Prix was won by four riders – Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Raikkonen. This time as usual the biggest chances to win the Silver arrows, as their machine is the best in the peloton, but behind them will be a fight between Red bull and Ferrari.

Unlike last year, this time the final race will be special and all the attention will be on the struggle on the track. It is in this Grand Prix will decide the fate of the championship to which a claim of two pilots Mercedes Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg VS Hamilton

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

Of course, the most important issue before the final Grand Prix of Formula 1 is “Who will be the champion? Nico or Lewis?” The favorite in this duel remains of the German pilot, on account of which 367 points, while his teammate 355. 12 points difference is a huge advantage in the last stage of the Royal calendar of Motorsport. The British have hopes that someone from Red bull or Ferrari pushed Rosberg off the podium or at the gathering of German. But most importantly Lewis still need to finish on the podium.

If Rosberg will keep his advantage at the final stage, it will be the second in the history of Formula 1 world champion son of a champion. Recall that his father Keke Rosberg won the title in 1982. up To this point there is only one pair of Champions Graham hill in 1962 and 1968 and his son Damon hill in 1996.

The most important thing that you need to know before the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi: if Rosberg finishes on podium in any case, he becomes a world champion. But out of the podium the German has a chance at the title

  • Rosberg finishes 3rd, if Hamilton wins the race
  • Rosberg finishes with a 4th, 5th or 6th if Hamilton will take second place.
  • Rosberg finishes 7th or 8th, if Hamilton will take third place.
  • Rosberg is champion if Hamilton finishes 4th or lower.

Recall that Nico and Lewis had already decided the fate of the championship in the last race of the 2014 season, and then the strongest was Lewis Hamilton. Last season, the Briton won the title prematurely in the United States for several stages until the end.

About the track…

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Track: Yas Marina

Lap length: 5,554 km

The distance of the race: 55 laps (305,355 km)

The lap record in the race: 1.40,279 – Sebastian Vettel (Red bull, 2009)

The owner of the pole in 2015: 1.40,480 – Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

Latest winner: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

The track “Yas Marina” consists of 21-th rotation, and aerodynamics is configured for medium-high level of clamping force. The maximum speed is about 320 km/h. With a fully pressed the gas pedal racers are 60% of the race. The configuration of the route includes 12 zones of braking, but brake wear – average. Time at the pit stop takes about 23 seconds.

The route includes several high-speed turns, slow six turns, which the racers are at speeds below 100 km/h. These values only in Monaco and Singapore.

About tires…

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

As all expected the tyres Pirelli bring in Abu Dhabi the softest compounds: Soft, SuperSoft and UltraSoft. These types of tyres Pirelli brought only in Monaco, Canada, Austria and Singapore.

In the first training on Friday as usual will be on the road a lot of sand, so the lap times will decrease in the course of the weekend. So in qualifying it is important to pick the right moment to leave the track, when the asphalt will be more clean and no traffic.

The track in Abu Dhabi is quite narrow and overtake on it hard, even despite the two DRS zones, so a very important factor is strategy.

About the weather…

According to preliminary weather forecast, the weekend in Abu Dhabi will be held in hot weather without precipitation. In the afternoon the air temperature is about 30 degrees, and in the evening the temperature drops a few degrees.

Sunset will be at 17:33, so that by the end of the second training, qualification and race (start at 17:00 local time) the temperature drops to 25 degrees.

Return to the past…

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

Last year the winner of the championship was known in the United States – Hamilton guaranteed himself the title with three races before the end of the season. The winner of the Cup of designers was also known ahead of time, as the struggle was only in the middle of the standings.

In qualifying Rosberg won the pole, while Hamilton started from second place. Also note the failure of Vettel, who for his mistake qualified 16th.

At the start of Rosberg has kept leadership, but in the middle of the peloton Alonso divided highway with Maldonado, after which the Pastor was forced to go the distance. Rosberg has increased the gap on Hamilton and the Briton had stayed for the second stage due to the strategy through which he wanted to get ahead of Nico.

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

In the middle of the race there was a collision of Button and Bottas on the pit lane when mechanics Williams jumped the gun and released Finn and he flew out the front fender to the British, after which he had to call in for a pit stop to change front wing. Plus, he was given a five second penalty.

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Абу-Даби

In the end, the race was won by Nico Rosberg, and behind him finished Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

Schedule of races:

25 Nov 12:00 first free practice

25 November 16:00 – second free practice

26 Nov 13:00 – third free practice

26 November 16:00 – qualification

27 November 16:00 – race

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