Formula-1. The announcement of the Monaco Grand Prix

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Монако

In the nearest weekend in Monaco will take place the sixth stage of the Royal race.

About the expectations of the weekend….

It’s only been two weeks after the race in Spain, which gave us a lot of different emotions, surprises and achievements in the Royal Motorsport. In the nearest weekend you will find the most glamorous and richest Grand Prix in the calendar of Formula 1 in Monaco.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the short and dangerous track in the Formula-1, which requires the rider to this concentration, which is still nowhere to be found. In Monaco there are two “straight”, one of which allows you to use the system DRS, but then it usually doesn’t help.

Many fans can confidently say that the stage in Monaco is the most boring in the course of the weekend. In the narrow streets of the Principality is almost impossible to overtake, so the first plan for the commands is not the race itself on Sunday, while qualifying and that completes the weekend around. It is here, in Monaco, good qualifying and a good start is the key to successful Grand Prix, which confirms the statistics. Over the past ten years the nine times he won the driver who started from pole position. Monaco is the one track that does not forgive mistakes, because the slightest loss of concentration on the track and you will find yourself in the wall and the race will be over for you.

As for the world as a whole, the situation is somewhat confused. Niko is in first place in the individual competition, with separation from the nearest competitor for the title in 49 points and in second place thanks to a double descent of Mercedes in Spain has placed Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari. In the constructors ‘ championship Silver arrows still invulnerable, but the Scuderia is to be feared, because the Red bull after his Spanish success comes on the heels.

About the track…

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Монако

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Lap length – 3, 34 km

The lap record in the race: Daniel ricciardo (Red bull, 2015) – 1.18,063

The last winner – Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), 2015

The track in Monaco consists of 19 turns. In Monte Carlo power of the engine fades into the background, and at first overlook the aerodynamics and chassis. On this route the riders pass the smallest distance with a fully pressed the gas pedal. Though not a huge number of turns, on the track there are 13 zones braking, but brake wear is average, and the hard braking after passing the tunnel before the Chicane “Nouvelle Chicane”.

About the weather…

The preliminary forecast for the Monaco Grand Prix promises warm and Sunny weather, but on race day Sunday will be cloudy. Traditionally, the first two training sessions will be held in Monaco on Thursday, when the air temperature will be +22 degrees light rain. On Saturday during the last training and qualifications it is expected +25 degrees. But on Sunday the temperature drops to 20 degrees, and a day of possible rain and thunderstorms.

About the rubber…

For the first time in Monaco and in the history of Formula 1 we officially get acquainted and see the new tyres from Pirelli – UltraSoft. Up to this time, the soft tyres were tested on the tests in Barcelona. In Monaco, tyre wear is very small and the load on the tire the least.

Any mistake on braking with locked wheels, especially in qualifying, will mean failure or riders will need a new set of tires. So that there will be interesting to see how the pilots are able to work with the tyres throughout the weekend

Unlike other tracks, Monaco is one of the key factors is the tyre strategy. After early pit stops can substantially increase the chances of success, because you will get into traffic, which is almost impossible to get out. Also, this is where the greatest likelihood that the track will appear car security, and according to statistics this figure surpasses the milestone of 80%.

Back to the past…

Формула-1. Анонс Гран-при Монако

Last year’s race gave us a lot of talk about the inability of the leadership of the Mercedes to work with the tactics of the tires. We will remind that in last season in Monaco Hamilton won the pole and had a great start in the race, but on the final leg of his inexplicably called into the pits after the incident with Verstappen. Dutchman on 64th round attacking Grosjean on the pit straight made a mistake under braking and hit a bump.

On the track appeared machine security, and engineers, Lewis called him into the pits to change the tire, but miscalculated the gap from the other riders. After leaving the pitlane he was not only behind his teammate Nico Rosberg, and Sebastian Vettel. Thus, Vettel defended competently in the narrow streets of the Principality, Rosberg was off, and Hamilton was left with a resentment to finish in third position.

Schedule of races:

May 26, 11:00 first free practice

26 may, 15:00 – second free practice

28 may, 12:00 – third free practice

28 may, 15:00 – qualification

29 may, 15:00 – race

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