Formula 1. The end of the season: the manor if it were not for Brazil

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии

Completed season of the Royal race and summarizes the results for the most modest teams of the peloton manor.

Expectation and reality

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии

In the season 2015 the team of the manor used the motors from Ferrari specifications and the results did not correspond to Formula 1, and more suited for the GP2 series. This season, things went differently, because the team came to the experienced professionals of Nicholas and Pat fry, and instead of the old engines, Ferrari has got a brand new motors are the leading Mercedes. Also in charge of the team was a new face in the form of Stephen Fitzpatrick, who replaced a lot of suffering to John booth at Dave Ryan.

Pre-season tests it was evident that the manor team have made a major step forward and produced a good competitive car that can fight with teams bottom of the table, even with such a modest budget.

This season the team manor showed that it can compete with the teams of the bottom part of the peloton, and her goal was to beat one of the teams. Machine MRT05 showed a good work with the tires, and the engine of the Mercedes allowed the team to quickly pass direct with record speed, and to somehow compensate for the turns in which the machine was weak due to aerodynamics.

Of course, all fans and enthusiasts a little sorry for the English team, because the Brazilian stage it seemed that the manor will be able to take 10th place in the constructors ‘ championship and cling to the substantial prize. Unfortunately in Brazil it was raining and there was a miracle performed by Felipe Nasr, which allowed the team Zauber earn some points and get ahead of the manor in the standings.

This season the team is Stephen Fitzpatrick can safely place yourself in the asset, because the team showed good pace for the level of the Formula 1 team and could compete with several teams of the bottom part of the peloton. What is more remarkable, the bosses of the team did not make any loud statements, as they really assess their strength and capabilities.

The performances of the pilots of the team manor

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии


Pascal Wehrlein

Rio Haryanto

Esteban Windows

Held Grand Prix




Place in individual competition








The best result in the race

10th (Grand Prix of Austria)

15th (Monaco Grand Prix)

12-e (Brazilian Grand Prix)

Quick circles




To finish ahead of teammate








Victory in the qualification




The best result in qualifying

12th (Grand Prix of Austria)

17-e (European Grand Prix)

18-e (Belgian Grand Prix)

To get to the second segment




Getting into the third segment




Of course, that the best of the three pilots of the team manor in 2016 was Pascal Wehrlein – and this applies not only to single points. Pascal, unlike all others were stable on the free races – he squeezed out of the car all that was possible at some stage. Young German famously showed themselves in the first races of the season, and then effectively fired at the Grand Prix of Austria, and then again left in the shade.

Also good cut in half of the season, held Indonesian racer Rio Haryanto. In the qualifying rounds of Rio could leave behind Wehrlein than many admired. No one expected even a couple of the wonders of Indonesian, but he proved quite worthy of a place in Formula 1. Unlike German, Haryanto never able to reach the second qualifying segment, but has never been close to this in Baku, where he was just 0,116 seconds. If we talk about racing, he was constantly behind the German and was largely to blame for his physical training to the Royal Motorsport.

In the second half of the season to replace Harianto, which is not enough funding from sponsors to continue his career in Formula 1, came another protégé Mercedes Esteban-UPS. In qualifying, he was noticeably weaker than his teammate, but in a race has left a positive impression, a few times ahead of Pascal. Battle the two pilots Mercedes in the most humble of the team is commendable and that this struggle gave the Window a tremendous chance to get to the main rider on the team Force India next season. But Pascal this decision was annoyed, but now after the departure of Rosberg from the main team, he can be the mate Hamilton, but while about it to speak early. Note that the battle of Wehrlein and aukon ended on quite a pleasant note, after all at the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi they faced and charged each other.

Best Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии

The best stage for the Royal manor Motorsport was Gran-at Austria. In Austria, the former DTM champion Pascal Wehrlein felt like a fish in water. Already in qualifying the young German suddenly was able to break into the second line, where he experienced ahead of Romain Grosjean and Fernando Alonso, showing the 12-th result. In the race Pascal showed good pace, but because of the car security ochutilsya in last place, but eventually finished in 10th place, earning his first point in Formula 1. Of course, that’s tenth place was like a victory for the small team from Banbury.

The worst Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии

From the best stage to worst stage just one week. It is through the week at the Grand Prix UK team manor was a total disappointment. On the track at Silverstone none of the riders manor didn’t get to finish and they fell due to their own mistakes on a wet track.

Already at the sixth round of the German lost control on the wet roads and flew into a gravel trap, while his team-mate finished the race in 25-lap distance, also lost control of the car on worn-out set of intermediate rubber.

Expectations from the season-2017

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Манор — если бы не было Бразилии

Of course, the lost 10th place in the constructors ‘ championship did hit the modest budget of the team manor, but most importantly, the team continues to exist thanks to the new owners. At the beginning of the year new technical staff which includes experienced Tombazis and fry began developing a new car for next season. More confidence in the car gives the fact that according to the owner of Fitzpatrick, the team found a new investor and is looking for more sponsors.

Another good news is that the team will continue to use the best motors of the peloton Mercedes, but their main competitors Zauber will be with the old Ferrari motors that can give a chance to the manor, especially in the second half of the season.

At the moment the main problem of the team is the lack of pilots on the season-2017. Yet the question remains about Pascal Wehrlein, who’s running for places in the team Mercedes and Zauber. In the second place, instead of in a Force India aukon expect several drivers is Esteban Gutierrez, Felipe Nasr, Rio Haryanto and a graduate of the GP2 series Jordan king, on account of which a couple of workouts for the team manor. We can safely say that in any case a couple of future riders will be weaker than it was in the second part of the season.

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