Formula 1. The end of the season: Williams — another failure

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал

Completed season of the Royal race and summarizes the results for one of the British team Williams.

Expectation and reality

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал

Before the pre-season tests from the British team of Grou waited for the catwalks, and most importantly, third place in the constructors ‘ championship. Team Williams proved that with a small limited budget may fight for high goals, but in the last two years, it all evaporated… Also before the season Claire Williams said that her team has reason for optimism, because Red bull had problems with the engines, Ferrari only promised in words, but Force India and does not pretend to something high…

And what was ultimately a complete failure. To goals was too far. If we talk about the catwalks, it was only one, and if the Cup of designers, and there is a fifth line, the long-suffering behind Force India.

Machine Williams has failed on many routes of various configurations. Separately, there are urban trails type Monaco or Singapore, where the car FW38 just looked pitiable. The only successful race city type was in Baku, and then went to the huge decline in teams, on points, and racing tempo.

In the middle of the season it became clear that Williams is destined to fight for fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship with Force India. Before the Belgian Grand Prix the advantage of the team from grove had 15 points, and after the finish in Abu Dhabi the gap from Force India was 35 points.

The main problem of the British team began the upgrade of the car during the season. If the first part of the season pilots Williams could consistently count on a place in the top 10, at the end of the season to take points was very difficult.

The performances of the pilots of the team Williams

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал


Valtteri Bottas

Felipe Massa

Held Grand Prix



Place in individual competition






The best result in the race

3-e (Canada)

5th (Australia, Russia)

Quick circles



To finish ahead of teammate






Victories in the qualifications



The best result in qualifying

3-e (Canada)

5-e (Russia)

To get to the second segment



Getting into the third segment



For the third year in a row the team Williams speaks with one team of drivers – Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa.

Let’s start with the Finnish racer Valtteri Bottas, who clean beat his teammate Felipe Massa. On account of the Finn’s only podium, on account of his 32 points more than the Brazilian and finally place in the top 10 of the standings. If we talk about qualifying, then he’s rasamny – 17:4 in favor of the Finn. In the end, Bottas turned a solid season and he took all the points, which could count his car.

As for Felipe Massa, I don’t want to say anything bad towards him, but this season was clearly a failure and possibly the worst in his career. In the first Grand Prix, he steadily earned points, and played at a good level, but after the stage in Spain, he started a serious decline. Yes, the Brazilian is often prevented problems with the machine, but it was obvious that he just lacks the race pace and it was much less Bottom. Before the Italian Grand Prix Massa announced the completion of a career in Formula 1. In General, Felipe obviously did not expect such a farewell season.

Best Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал

If we talk about the best races of the last season, we can distinguish two bright performances. First up is the canadian Grand Prix, where the Williams cars are traditionally strong and this time was no exception. Bottas took advantage of the failure of Rosberg and was able to pass both cars Red bull, followed by tactical failure from Ferrari for Raikkonen. In the end, third place in Montreal is the only podium of the team from grove in 2016. Overall was a great race, but only for Finn, but the Brazilian was coming off due to mechanical problems with the engine.

The second successful race was followed by Russia at Sochi autodrom in Sochi. On the Russian stage, Bottas and Massa scored maximum points last season, finishing in fourth and fifth places respectively.

The worst Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал

As for the worst race of the season, then perhaps we will choose the Grand Prix of Brazil. Wet track in Interlagos ruined all the plans of the pilots of the team from the Grou who were counting on points. Valtteri entire distance of the Brazilian stage of looking for the best rate, but have not found it, only finishing in 11th place behind Alonso in the McLaren and Nasr in the Sauber. As for the Masses, and it all came because of an accident in the middle of the race in his last home Grand Prix.

Expectations from the season-2017

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Уильямс — очередной провал

What to expect from the team from grove in the season 2017, nobody knows and I think this question can not be answered even by the team leaders. Perhaps the new technical regulations will change the status of Williams for the best, because they are still in the beginning of this season started to think about the future.

Question about the upcoming car Williams stands out, because last week left the team known technical Director Pat Simmonds, and woos the current Director of the champion team Mercedes Paddy Lowe. Perhaps this arrival will give the team grow a chance to compete with the leaders, but while the official statements on the matter there, so to speak, and do not need much. The British stable you need to seriously prepare your car in terms of aerodynamics, because they have the most powerful engines in the Mercedes, and behind them ambitious teams in the face of Force India, McLaren, Renault and Toro Rosso.

Another serious issue is the pilots. As everyone already knows, next season for the team from grove will be the young champion of the Formula 3 lance Stroll, which will replace the cockpit departed from king Motorsport Felipe Massa. Who will partner Stroll, while an open question, because the current pilot Williams, Valtteri Bottas are actively trying to poach leaders Mercedes, who are looking for a replacement for Nico Rosberg. If Finn leaves the British, according to rumors, the media team will return the retired Felipe Massa, who this season was a disappointment.

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