Formula 1. The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. Quotes of the weekend

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда is comments all pilots after the final stage of the Royal Motorsport.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Lewis Hamilton (1st): “I did everything I could, and my congratulations Niko – this year he has flown perfectly – as it was supposed to be flying to win the championship.

For me it made no sense just to go ahead, win the race, and Niko finished second. I had to try to make up for all the problems that, unfortunately, prevented me this year. Now I even wonder to go to the base of the team and to listen to what I’m going to say the chiefs.

Today I won the race, so don’t feel like a loser. During the season we had a lot of problems – remember though, a bad start, when I was behind, and then had to recoup. But I never gave up.

I said, thank the team for those 10 wins, which I managed to win, 12 pole positions – for the racer is just a dream. I just want to say thank you to everyone who works at the races and at the team, to everyone who made this incredible car.

And I want to continue to advocate for Mercedes in the future – let’s see what awaits us next season.”

Nico Rosberg (2nd): “I would like to appeal to all who supported me at the TV screens and comes to the race. Even this weekend in the stands was a lot of my fans from Germany and other parts of the globe, and it’s a special feeling. And, of course, words of gratitude to those around me. First, the team – for me this is one big racing family. I moved to Mercedes in 2010, at first things were not going well, but over the last few years everything has changed for the better, and today there is – thanks to all the staff!

The weekend was very difficult, there were many tense moments – especially during the race. A very difficult fight with Verstappen, and the situation in the last laps was not pleasant.

Lewis used all his skill to make things happen, because I have not had a chance to attack. Of course, I was thinking about trying to overtake, but this possibility was not.

I have the feeling that I always raced with Lewis, though he is always a little bit ahead of me – even in karting. He’s a terrific rider, one of the best in history, and to defeat him – an incredible event, since my opponent’s level extremely high. I still managed to win the title, phenomenal!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Sebastian Vettel (3rd): “This is an important race for us: I would love to have played two positions in the last laps the speed was allowed, but make overtaking was not easy – the car in front also used the slip-stream. The team deserved this podium, we hope it will give all of us strength. The year was very challenging with many UPS and downs, so I’m quite happy with today’s result.

If we talk about our form in 2016, we expected more, but after the recession in the middle of the championship were able to show their real strength when we have managed again to improve. In the last Grand Prix we had a good pace, it was enough to compete with Red bull.

Our spirit is not broken, and I know we will work hard to return Ferrari to the top. We learned a lot, made a lot of progress.

In my opinion, it is impossible to win the championship just because you got lucky, so I have to give him a tribute. He became the champion deserved”.

Kimi Raikkonen (6th): “the race was difficult. With the machine everything was OK, but was difficult to control tire wear, especially front. After the start I was in good position, but with the first set of Soft problems arose only at the end of the segment they began to work better, but I continued to lose ground. When I caught up with Sebastian, I knew he was on a different strategy, and allowed me to get ahead.

It is no secret that it was a very difficult year, far from what we wanted, but the last time we worked well and did everything right. We hope that next year, the new machine will be in the positions where we want to be.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда

Red Bull

Max Verstappen (4th): “I am very happy with the result! Being last after the first turn, I was forced to recoup, and tactics with one pit stop was the only chance – well, it all worked out. I knew that closer to the finish line will be under attack by those who twice changed tires, as their rubber is fresh – it is unlikely I could keep Vettel.

It’s a shame that immediately after the start I was hooked opponent, and I was deployed – it was purely a racing incident, it happens sometimes. In the last laps Hamilton was obviously trying to collect the peloton, in his place I probably would have done the same – you have to do everything to win the title.

Nice to finish the season in fifth place in the standings with a few good results. Yesterday I was not very happy, but today we finished the fight with a good result. For me it was a special year and I look forward to the next one which, hopefully, will bring even more success!”.

Daniel ricciardo (5th): “I don’t want to upset, because I still finished fifth – just a shame that the strategy has not worked. I started to tire SuperSoft, all went well, then I tried to launch an attack on Raikkonen, but it has not that much to spoil the plans.

I saw max was launched in the first turn, and thought he was out of control, but he spent only one pit stop and eventually fought for the podium – well done. Looks like we’re interrupting yourself scheme with two pit stops, as the composition of the SuperSoft worked very effectively.

Hats off to Rosberg – I think it’s an incredible feeling when you win the title! They are Lewis fought to the last, nice to see such a late junction”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда

Force India

Nico Hulkenberg (7th): “the Race for me was fairly simple, I’m almost all the time was driving, competing mostly with a partner, because the top six was out of reach. The events in the first turn was quite interesting, I hit Verstappen, which led to damage to the underbody and complicated my life. Fortunately, pace was enough to hold the position and earn points.

Great to complete their presentations in the Force India, good result and help the team to maintain fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship. All deserve congratulations and great respect for a terrific job this year. I leave the team with a lot of pleasant memories, Force India will forever remain a part of my life. I learned a lot here, has made me a better rider. Together we progressed, and I’m proud of what we have done.”

Sergio Perez (8th): “I am pleased with how the race went. I finished in the same position where you started. The race was quite calm, but in the last laps had to compete with Mass. In the beginning of the race I attacked, trying to close the gap on Nico, but ultimately finished right behind him. Great to finish the championship another good result.

Now that the season is over, I go back to Mexico and try to relax. The season was long and stressful, I look forward to a holiday spending with friends and family. Probably waiting for me happy holidays since I will be proud to think about what we have achieved this year. I get a little rest, and then return to work in 2017!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Felipe Massa (9th): “I am proud that until the last lap of today’s race fought as hard as in the beginning of his career. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey, thank you to the fans and the staff of the Williams guys, I’ll be rooting for you in the future! Thanks to everyone who became a member of numerous events that had happened to me. I end my career just as it began – with a proudly raised head, but today I turned a little more careful with the machine, because from now on she’s mine – thanks again to the team for such a gift!”.

Valtteri Bottas (has gone): “it’s a Shame to quit after a few laps. I rode the ninth, when he noticed damage to the rear suspension, after which the car was out of control. We tried to fix it, but it was impossible. It’s a shame to finish the season this way, but it does mean that I with much greater impatience I shall wait for next year.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Fernando Alonso (10th): “the Race was good, but difficult. I could not do anything to oppose the Force India and Williams, but fought to the last circle and came pretty close. Nice to make another point and defend the position in the individual championship and the Cup of Designers.

The season was quite positive compared to last year we have demonstrated significant progress, but we want to win the championship, but this is still far away. However, ahead of a long winter, we will make every effort to bring to Australia a more competitive car.

Shame for Jenson his final race ended prematurely, but he will be with the team next year and in the new status will be very useful.

I’m very happy for Rosberg, he had a fantastic season and deserved the title. He had always believed in their capabilities and skillfully used an advantage. With Lewis they worked great, but this time it is the turn Niko to celebrate the win, as Lewis titles for three!”

Jenson button (has gone): “my car broke the front right suspension – it’s rare and good that I noticed something was wrong before he began to slow down for the eleventh turn. The reliability of the chassis have always been the strengths of the McLaren, but today something went wrong, just unlucky.

However, I am satisfied with today. Yes, the race was short but I liked everything else. Today, the path to the cockpit was very emotional – it was great to see the whole team, my friends and family members greet me. Well, in that moment I was wearing sunglasses! I am satisfied with what I have achieved. The journey is complete, now I live in the present”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Romain Grosjean (11th): “Amazing season with successes and failures, we surprised many including myself. Today we could not earn points, but if you don’t consider the fastest three teams – Mercedes, Ferrari and Red bull, we occupied the fourth position among the rest, and this is a good result.

In the offseason we need to add in the work with rubber. Today, several circles, the pace was great, the car and tires behave perfectly, but suddenly this harmony disappeared. Obviously, we have much to do in this direction, to improve a lot next season, which I look forward to”.

Esteban Gutierrez (12th): “I am very glad to have worked with Haas. I tried to achieve the maximum possible result today and gave it my all. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Gene Haas and Gunther Steiner, to be part of a new team and a whole year to participate in this project. I want to thank my engineers and mechanics. I wish the team all the best in the future.”

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Esteban (13th): “I am pleased with how the race went. It is no secret that after qualifying I was very disappointed by the position in the tenth row, but I managed a good start and win back three seats already in the first round. During the race I was even 11th, we struggled Zauber – I lacked the speed to attack Nasr, however, we collided, and I lost the end plate of the front wing. We spent the second pit-stop, then we Pascal was approaching rivals, but the race was soon over.

It was nice to cooperate with manor, I can’t properly thank the team for giving me the chance to debut in Formula 1! I learned a lot from this experience will be useful for my future career. Wherever I raced, I will always follow this team as it has good potential – maybe soon we will fight on the track!”.

Pascal Wehrlein (14th): “it’s Nice to finish the season with another confident performance. I had a difficult first pit stop, after which I retreated far back is annoying to face something similar after successful training and start from sixteenth place. I struggled and tried to fight back and was able to regain a couple of positions. However, I had a different tire tactics that are not allowed to repel the attack of the partner, as at the time I was driving on badly worn soft tires, but at least we finished ahead of Zauber. Fantastic race, thanks to the team that continued to fight!

My debut season was a success, thanks to all at the manor! It’s a shame that we have so long held, but still missed the tenth place in the constructors ‘ championship, but we will always remember that glorious day in Austria. Thank you to all the staff for their incredible work in the name of progress!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Marcus Ericsson (15th): “a Difficult race. I rode 54 laps with one pit stop and believe that we have brilliantly implemented this strategy. Overall, I am satisfied with my performance, but the result doesn’t reflect that. I monitored the tyre wear on the long haul and could attack, especially not loading the tires. But today, we don’t have enough speed.

The final race of the season behind us, we now go into the winter break. You need to “recharge my batteries” and prepare for the next year. I look forward to the beginning of a new era in Formula 1″.

Felipe Nasr (16th): “I had a great start and on the first lap climbed to 14 th position. I put a lot of effort for as long as possible to keep it, but the car lacked speed to hold opponents.

On the second stint I tried to stay in front of the manor, but, unfortunately, between us we have made contact. I damaged the bottom of the wheel disk. It seemed to us that a broken front anticrime, so I had to call in for a pit stop earlier than planned, which ruined my race. If not for this incident, I could achieve a better result, but most importantly, we managed to keep the tenth place in the Cup of designers.

I have enjoyed another year at Zauber. It was difficult, but it is at such times we learn the most. Despite all the difficulties, I have kept a great relationship with the team. Two earned in Brazil points showed that all this was worth it – the team deserved it. Many thanks to all!”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда


Jolyon Palmer (17th): “I started well, climbing to eleventh position, and for some time rode in the pace of Williams, but, unfortunately, the degradation of the tyres we had were too serious. The car was fast, but tires quickly wore out, so I had to spend three pit-stop.

I tried to fight with opponents during the race, but the lack of adhesion with the track was complicated by the struggle. I tried to stay ahead of Sainz – he left me the place, but braked a little earlier and I hit him – clutch at the time was not perfect. It is a pity that it happened.”

Kevin Magnussen (fell): “I started poorly and struggled with Cuatom in the eighth turn, when there was contact with another car – it was a racer the manor or Zauber, suffered as a result of suspension. We tried to continue the race, but it soon became apparent that it was impossible.

I wanted otherwise to finish the season in which I learned a lot of good people in this team. The results could be better, but I learned a lot, had a wonderful time, learned a lot. I wish Reno all the best in the future and I’m sure all we have fun in the paddock”.

Формула-1. Гран-при Абу-Даби. Цитаты уик-энда

Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz (came down): “Before the collision the race was positive. I was fighting for 14th place having started 21st, was ahead of pilots Zauber, manor and Reno… I spent a nice and clean race, it is a great pity that Palmer ran into me!

I am happy with myself and the fact that coped with the problems encountered this weekend, it is a pity that failed to see the chequered flag. It was an amazing season, and I’m proud of how I spent it. I earned 46 points, what did I think earlier in the year! I think I can be happy.

Now I’m looking forward to 2017! I thank the team for their efforts and hard work. It was a memorable year, we would not be able to achieve such results without the other!”.

Daniil Kvyat (has gone): “Sorry I had to go. Considering that the free practice I managed to pass only five laps, the race went well. I struggled with Haas and Reno – it was fun. I’ve played a lot of positions at the start and then a few more during the race. Unfortunately, there were problems with the gearbox, so I had to stop the car and go. After that I decided to ride a bike. The feeling that the events of one race weekend reflects everything that happened during the season!”.

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