Formula-1. The Monaco Grand Prix. Hamilton wins in Monte Carlo!

Формула-1. Гран-при Монако. Хэмилтон побеждает в Монте-Карло!

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton ended his series of setbacks and got his 44th career victory.

As promised forecasters, on Sunday in Monaco, it was raining and the first six laps of the race the racers have passed for the safety car. But after his arrival in the pitlane began the first incident. On the seventh lap on the starting line Jolyon Palmer lost control of his car Reno and flew into the protective barrier. Then after a couple of laps at a virtual Pescara Kimi Raikkonen unsuccessfully entered the slowest turn of the track and on the brake crashed into a barrier and lost a wing. Broken front wing stuck under his bottom and he almost squeezed Felipe Massa and Romain Grosjean. The Brazilian and the Frenchman continued the race, though lost a little time, and Raikkonen had to go, Park your car on the straight after the tunnel.

After that the race went more or less quietly, but ricciardo for a few laps was able to increase their advantage to 14 seconds over Rosberg and Hamilton. Then Sebastian Vettel on the fourth line decided to come into the pits and change tires to intermediate. Meanwhile Nico Rosberg on the climb to Massenet missed Lewis Hamilton, whose rate was much higher. Lewis proved it, as for a couple of laps the gap between the Aussie dropped to ten seconds.

Vettel after a pit stop on the 18th lap I tried at the exit of the tunnel to get around a Lot, but overdid it and was forced to cut the Chicane, and again miss the Brazilian. In the middle of the peloton Max Verstappen started at the back due to his crash in qualifying, walked a few cars and moved a little closer to the end zone.

At the 21st round of the Magnussen grazed the wall in the second sector, and Kvyat tried to attack and lost. Both drivers were at the wall, Kvyat got to the boxes and fell, and Magnussen in the minute from the whole peloton continued to move.

After two laps, Daniel ricciardo, Nico Rosberg and many other pilots changed to intermediate tires, but Hamilton and Wehrlein from the Manor remained in the rain. Hamilton was trying to wait to go immediately to slicks, but Riccardo was catching up with him rapidly. Rosberg, in turn, lagged behind the leaders because of problems with the brakes.

At 30-m and 31-x laps the riders had another wave of pit stops, during which Lewis Hamilton moved to UltraSoft, Rosberg on SuperSoft. Ricciardo stopped on lap later, but the mechanics did not manage to bring the tires SuperSoft. Here is a twist, how annoying and upsetting now Daniel ricciardo, who because of this hitch I lost about 6-7 seconds.

34-lap Kevin Magnussen missed the braking and broke the front wing, then got to the pit and finished the race. One lap later Max Verstappen lost control and crashed into a protective barrier in the first sector. Note that in the training that the training he repeatedly cling to the wall. Here is such a failure of the young Dutchman after the triumph in Spain.

After the resumption of the race, Daniel ricciardo tried to overtake Lewis Hamilton, but the British blocked the path, and the Aussie twice almost lost my car.

At the 49th round of the Zauber team asked Felipe Nasr skip faster Marcus Erickson on the starting line. But Erickson did not want to wait and ducked into the second to last corner, after which there was a collision between two cars Zauber. As a result, double-gathering for the command Monesi, Kaltenborn. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton continued in the traffic to fend off the attacks of the Australian pilot of Red bull. Behind the first two Perez coming in third place was slowly pulled away from Vettel, but is still behind Alonso on the fifth line kept Rosberg, Hulkenberg and Sainz.

The last laps of the race passed in peace, nobody wanted to lose the car and the position that he got in today’s race. As for the leaders, Lewis Hamilton pulled away from ricciardo by three seconds and set a best lap time in the race is 1.17,939. On the last two laps went a little rain, but on the position he has in no way affected. Also note that Grosjean could not beat Pascal Wehrlein, but the Frenchman will be higher in the Protocol as the Pascal, a fine of ten seconds for speeding in a virtual machine security.

Thus, the current world champion Lewis Hamilton for the first time this season, getting a victory that becomes the 44th for him in his career. On the second line of Daniel ricciardo, who can blame his mechanics for the fatal error at the pit stop. Brilliantly, finishing third Mexican Sergio Perez at Force India. The fourth place went to Sebastian Vettel, who finished behind Fernando Alonso. But for him there was a surprise: at the finish line Nico Hulkenberg ahead of Nico Rosberg and finished sixth. Also in the top ten were Carlos Sainz, Jenson button and Felipe Massa.


The race results will be a little later…

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