Formula-1. The Monaco Grand Prix. Quotes of the weekend

Формула-1. Гран-при Монако. Цитаты уик-энда highlights the most interesting comments after the sixth stage of the Royal Motorsport.


Lewis Hamilton (1st): “Perhaps the best place for the 44th victory did not come up – it’s been eight years since I won here the last time! But it was one of the most difficult races in my memory. To stay on the path, to avoid any mistakes and to win is just incredible. Strolling on the highway, I thought about the great riders who won in Monaco – Fangio, moss, hill, Senna… it’s good to see your name on this list! It was hard to know how aggressive you can attack on slicks, we were very close to Daniel ricciardo – if he didn’t have a hitch at the pit stop, I probably would not have come forward”.

Nico Rosberg (7th): “the stages Are good and others aren’t, today is just the second case. To fight for the victory I don’t have enough speed, and we have to understand the reasons. Perhaps there were problems with the brakes, but not exactly sure. In the beginning of the race I could not attack in full force to rain tires, so he accepted the request of the team miss Lewis, even if it cost me time. Because of traffic in the pit lane for my pit stop was long, I fell back to sixth place and ran into rivals. On the last lap from Hulkenberg tires worked much better, my set UltraSoft when the first rain drops have lost effectiveness, allowing Force India to carry out the attack. I am extremely disappointed with the result – I wanted to win the home race, but it did not happen”.

Red Bull

Daniel ricciardo (2nd): “In the beginning of the race on wet tyres we were fast, I did everything possible. Then I was called into the pits, we switched to intermediate tyres, and was behind Lewis. When Lewis went into the pits for slicks, I tried to go round as quickly as possible, and when we stopped for a pit stop, no tires. I really don’t like to be so. I hate to be unhappy. I earned a podium in Monaco. I should be very happy, grateful and positive. I was fast already in two races, that’s a positive thing, but again I could not win. I’m a little tired to show good speed, and not get paid for it with rewards. I don’t like that I upset the whole story”.

Max Verstappen (gathering): “I’m disappointed in myself and upset for the team because they worked hard to prepare my car, and I could not bring the result they deserved. We were in good positions, claimed the points, but when you start from the pit lane points is a good result. I overtook rivals, broke through the peloton, and all went well. Then we switched to Soft, and I blocked the tires. Unfortunately, I slipped a little with the trajectory, and the wet part of the track was just a passenger. This is a race, then you very quickly can be at the very top and very bottom, but you don’t have to retreat, you need to keep your confidence and continue to attack.”

Force India

Sergio Perez (3rd): “the Podium in Monaco – special achievement! It was one of my best races, especially when you consider the difficult conditions: he had to keep focused, make a mistake, today was very easy. The key to success was the strategy – it worked flawlessly. The first difficult decision was to transition to intermediate tyres – we tried as much as possible to stay on the road, then the team called me into the pits, and I was ahead of several machines, including my partner. The second important point was the transition to the slicks – I spent a pit stop on the lap before Rosberg and Vettel and was able to beat both of them. The team deserved this result and I would like to dedicate the podium to personally Vijay Malia”.

Nico Hulkenberg (6th): “I’m annoyed by the result, despite points earned. The time for the first pit stop was chosen very badly, I lost a position and ended up in the traffic that spoiled the race – the rest of the track I was driving behind someone from rivals. A shame, because the rate was high enough to qualify for the podium.”


Sebastian Vettel (4th): “a Difficult race. I think I could have achieved more in the moment, when after the pit stop was behind Felipe. We had the right strategy, but I needed to find a way to beat a Lot – probably that’s when I missed the podium. I did everything I could to catch up with Perez, and a couple of times was very close to him, but at the end of the race was lucky that I managed to avoid contact with the wall”.

Kimi Raikkonen (gathering): “On the wet track was difficult to achieve a good grip, I tried to go as fast as I could, but still was too slow. At some point, trying to downshift, I’m a little locked up the rear wheels, the car went straight and into the hairpin I do not fit into the rotation. Unfortunately, there was contact with the wall, I broke my front wing and it got stuck under the car. After that it was hard to move the car, but in the end I managed it. When the team told me I need to stop the car, I was in the middle of the tunnel and could not leave the car there. So I had to slow down and then stop the car in the security zone of the 10th turn.”


Fernando Alonso (5th): “In terms of aerobatics and concentration the race was incredibly difficult. We started for the safety car, with almost zero visibility, then switched to intermediate tyres, but in the course of the weekend we haven’t worked with them in Monaco, everyone had to act in conditions of uncertainty. When we went back to slicks, on the road was a narrow strip of dry pavement: it was enough to leave even a centimeter to the side, the case would have ended in a crash. However, we have achieved a good result, both cars in the top ten prize – a reason for joy. We are making progress, the results confirm this, the team is moving in the right direction.”

Jenson button (9th): “On the first lap, the car was almost out of control, I could not manage to warm up the rear tyres, under any braking they block that, frankly, somewhat frightened. I have chosen a better time to move on intermediate tyres – to go after them first was a bit risky. We chose the right strategy but lost time in traffic. However, in dry weather we would have hardly managed to earn these points”.

Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz (8th): “I’m not too happy with eighth place, and I was not disingenuous – I felt that today we could have done better, but missed the chance. I avoided contact with the barriers, was fastest on all three rubber compounds, and happy with that, but it’s a shame to lose ground during the pit stop. Eighth position is not bad, I would be happy if before the start of the weekend I was told that I earn four points, but after starting from sixth position in such a chaotic race could achieve more. This is my first experience of rain racing in Monaco and I must admit that it was the most difficult race in my life.”

Daniil Kvyat (gathering): “I’m very upset. I don’t believe in luck, but today she turned away. In the beginning of the race there is a problem with electronics, because of which the two first laps I drove below the speed limit to 60 km/h. I played a lot and tried to get back in one circle with the leader, but in the struggle for position with Magnussen neither of us wanted to give up. We missed a real opportunity to be successful because all weekend were competitive in Monaco.


Felipe Massa (10th): “We started in the rain, driving in circles for 1:40, and then the rate grew steadily – in a race like this is not easy to get to the finish line, and I’m glad I was able to do it. It was definitely the most challenging race weekend this season, but one point is better than nothing”.

Valtteri Bottas (12th): “it’s a Shame to finish the race without points. You need to analyze the strategy and understand why we lost a good position when the track started to dry out”.


Esteban Gutierrez (11th): “I Have mixed emotions, as its first part went quite smoothly, on a wet track we were fast enough, but it was worth passing on UltraSoft, as I have not felt so confident. To operate the machine became more difficult, but in Monaco if you lack confidence, lose too much.”

Romain Grosjean (13th): “Raikkonen has sent me into the barrier, I had to include a reverse gear and lose at this time. I lost the position, and the race for me, in fact, ended. Go for the manor was very difficult, the asphalt will be dry only on the trajectory, so that the overtaking had no chance. I’ve had over the same rival nearly sixty laps, but got nothing. Before the incident with Kimi, I was riding ahead of Felipe Massa and could qualify for points, that would be a stunning result if our starting position”.


Pascal Wehrlein (14th): “the Race in Monaco in the rain – it was very hard! After the start of the tarmac remained wet and we did not hurry with the change of tyres when rivals went to the boxes for the interim rubber. In the end, when I spent a pit stop, several items failed to play – our strategy worked perfectly. I was able to keep the rider behind Haas to finish, but then fined me and I lost position. Sorry that it happened, but 14th place in Monaco is a good result.”

Rio Haryanto (15th): “After the start in difficult conditions, I was able to go at a pace rivals. Closer to the finish line, given the frequent blue flags, it was difficult to maintain a high tire temperature, so the temp cool down. The day was difficult, but I’m happy to spend his first Grand Prix of Monaco”.


Felipe Nasr (the gathering): “Shame that we both failed to finish the race. Such a collision would be the worst scenario for the team. Marcus used a different strategy, his second pit-stop he held before me. At that moment tires on my car started working, I began to clear the backlog of riders, riding in front, and absolutely was not ready to change positions. Suddenly, in Rascasse, I felt a blow. I apologize. We need to make sure that this will not happen again”.

Markus Eriksson the gathering): “a Disappointing end of the race. We decided to take a chance – I first went to slicks, but to use it as an advantage not possible – due to the blue flags I had to move to the path on the wet part of the track where the tyres quickly cooled off. Then the rubber started to work, I caught up with Felipe and stared at him. The team said asked him to let me through, I saw an opportunity and tried to overtake, and what happened next – all you saw. This difficult situation will further unite our team. I apologize and I am sure that this won’t happen again”.


Kevin Magnussen (gathering): “We made the right decision to switch to intermediate tyres immediately after the departure of the safety car. We did it much earlier rivals and no mistake – many still had a pit stop, and we played a lot of places. Unfortunately, Kvyat crashed into me, putting an end to my struggle for position. Yes, I could move on, before others switched to slicks – and had nothing to lose, but then hit the wall and broke front wing”.

Jolyon Palmer (the gathering): “When the safety car turned into the pit lane, the track remained in a terrible state, I slipped on the white line of markup and was not able to do anything – just threw me into the wall. I am disappointed, as I like Monaco, and in the past I had achieved good results”.

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