Formula 1. The results of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби highlights the most important moments of the final stage of Royal races.

Last night ended in the final stage of the Royal Motorsport on the track “Yas Marina”, which turned out very interesting. emotional, and most importantly his results determined the new world champion in Formula 1.

Rosberg – the new world champion!

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

Before the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Nico Rosberg was the best situation in the standings, but for the Germans from all sides pressed, because the slightest mistake could carry his title to Hamilton. At the beginning of the German race after the first pit stop had a good overtaking pilot Red bull in the 9th turn, and on the last laps back to back chased Hamilton and was under pressure grooving Vettel and Verstappen.

Nico has won a long-awaited title, of which he had dreamed since childhood and he is not interested in what Hamilton didn’t want to up the pace in the last laps. Generally welcome the 33rd world champion of Formula 1. Thus, he became the second after Damon hill’s son world champion, who became the champion himself. Recall that his father Keke Rosberg became world champion in 1982.

Despite the title it’s safe to say that Rosberg is not the fastest pilot of the peloton, as the race when Lewis has no problems with the motor and they started in the first places, the victory over the British with the score 5:3. If you look at his battle with Hamilton, Nico always started from the first row, except for Austria, where he was fine, also he only once came down, and Lewis twice. The Germans had no penalties for extra engines and with all these factors, he won the title at the finish line of the last stage. Another fact that makes the fact that Nico inferior to some speed if we exclude the skill with mechanical problems and penalties, Lewis won the battle from Rosberg with a score of 11:5. As you can see, all the evidence suggests that he is inferior to his partner in the team is pure speed.

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

Respect for Rosberg you could say that Nico is a very pleasant life, a good racer and a great hard worker. This is indicated by many experts and pilots, but note that nobody says that it’s fast. We can say that these hardworking people deserve the title, but to take the law very difficult. So that we can assume that this title may be the only one in his career. To be honest, Rosberg was lucky this season, it was his year and his car.

Short season stats new world champion: 21 race nine wins, eight pole positions – the first 20 rows of the starting grid – 16 podiums – 489 laps of leading – the title.

Hamilton did everything he could, but it’s not enough…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

For anybody not a secret that Lewis Hamilton on the last laps tried to uttermost his teammate Nico Rosberg to put him in the attacks of Sebastian Vettel and max Verstappen. Of course, the British had the hope that the opponents can beat his partner, or he will have problems with the machine under the attacks of other pilots.

Perhaps Hamilton has been unfair to Rosberg and he failed to comply with team orders paddy Lowe the bridge. Probably many will say that the behavior of Hamilton is not worthy, but I wonder what would you do in his place.

Hamilton won four of the last race, than has once again confirmed that he is a fast driver and when he has no problems with such a machine, he’s stronger than Nico. We mentioned all the problems in qualifying and fines, but now it does not matter. So Lewis had nothing to reproach themselves and ask why everything happened so and not otherwise.

Stupid tactics Red bull…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

The Austrian stables Red bull have solved their tasks to the teams in the constructors ‘ championship before the arrival at the final stage of the season, so their last race was fun and I had to just finish on a good note.

After yesterday’s qualification, where the pilots of Red bull were in the third segment on the harder tyres SuperSoft. So start on the harder part opened to the pilots of Red bull good prospects.

Verstappen was unlucky that he was at the start caught the car of Hulkenberg and turned him around, and then he thanks the only pit-stop almost made it to the podium.

But ricciardo used a different tactic than his team can’t handle. The Aussie started from third place, conceding in the first corner Raikkonen. When the racers Ferrari went on their first pit-stops in the camp of the Red bull suddenly decided to switch to the same tactic of calling Daniel to the pit lane. And here arises a curious question, why take the risk in qualifying and suffer at the start of the race, and then to move on to another strategy.

As a result, Verstappen finished in step away from the podium, ahead of ricciardo and Raikkonen, was behind his teammate. Note that the separation of race leader Lewis Hamilton from the Australian in fifth place was only five seconds, so we can assume that a different strategy would have helped him get on the podium and maybe to win the Grand Prix.

Vettel – Ferrari outlet!

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

Last season on account of Ferrari’s three victories, and this is no, and the second part of the season is a total failure – only the second finish in the top 3 after the summer break.

Sebastian Vettel and his team decided on a bold tactic that eventually brought the desired result. Raikkonen was on the standard strategy and his race was not so exciting, but rather dull, but the fact that Finn in the last five qualifications defeated the Germans and he still has a passion for racing and speed. Vettel was the last great cut on the tires SuperSoft, ahead of Verstappen and squashing on the pilot of the Mercedes of Rosberg.

The team from Maranello finished the season on a pleasant note, but Ferrari remains only to be consoled by the hope for next year, but with the departure of James Ellison and it is difficult to make.

And finally, we say that Sebastian Vettel was driver of the day typing on the official website of Formula 1 the highest number of votes. For the Germans it is the third recognition for the current season, prior to that, he received the award after stages in Singapore and Mexico. By the way, the winner in this category was Max Verstappen, who eight times in the season was named the best pilot Grand Prix.

Force India rewrites history…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

After the finish the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Force India can celebrate and enjoy the most successful season in Formula 1 in its history. The team Vijay Malia is the most effective team in the middle of the peloton. For the team, which consists of four hundred employees in fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship – a fantastic achievement. This season, the Vijay Mallya can enjoy the success and the fact that in front of them only three top teams: Mercedes, Red bull and Ferrari, and behind such great teams as Williams and McLaren.

The details of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi:

Podium: 1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes); 2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes); 3. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari).

Fastest lap: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) – 1.43,729.

The fastest pit stop: Max Verstappen (Red bull) and 2.11 seconds.

Gone: Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvyat (both Toro Rosso), Jenson button (McLaren), Valtteri Bottas (Williams), Kevin Magnussen (Reno).

Personal results:

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Абу-Даби

The Cup of designers:

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