Formula 1. The results of the Grand Prix of Belgium

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии highlights the most important moments of the thirteenth stage of the Royal race.

Yesterday ended the thirteenth stage of the world championship Formula 1 on the track “Spa-Francorchamps”, which was interesting and eventful. Also note that the stage in Belgium became the first after a month break, and he opened the second part of the season.

Rosberg did its job “perfectly”

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии

When it became clear that reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton will start from last place due to the replacement of elements of the power plant, the task of his team-mate Nico Rosberg was the fact that the Germans have to occupy the pole position in qualifying and win the race to reduce the gap in the standings from Hamilton.

Race as written earlier, was very intense in terms of overtaking and exchanges on the radio, but for Nico it was boring, because the whole race he was leading and not left his rivals no chance of success. Thus, the German driver has fully performed the work and did not allow a single mistake over the weekend to Praise the German is not necessary, because he did what was required, and nobody knows how to be the struggle if his partner spent the race not from the tail of the peloton.

Thus, Rosberg deservedly won the race and closed the gap on Lewis, though not as much as I wanted, because Hamilton was able to work a miracle. Well, looking forward to the next race in Italy, where again is the dominance of team Mercedes.

Two Champions

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии

But Lewis Hamilton should be commended, because he did what few expected. Yeah, to be honest, what the British in some degree lucky, because of who went to the track the safety car. First, at the start eliminated both of the Ferrari, then the accident of Kevin Magnussen and stop in the pit lane. After the restart of the race Lewis was on the fourth position until the end of the race he quietly spent all of the remaining laps and finished in an excellent third place, which allowed us to score 15 points.

Thus, the gap between Hamilton from Rosberg is nine points, which in this situation very well. In the next race Lewis will have certainly not penalties that will facilitate his task in the fight with his teammate. We can say that in these races is manifested the character of a champion and thanks to these breakthroughs won the championship.

Formula 1 is still the same threat as before…

Yes, the turn “Red water” all the same threat as before. For many years this turn is the highlight of the championship as beauty and the arising danger, which proves the incident with Kevin Magnussen.

Racer Renault too widely stopped at the curb and his car moved a little and this “little” was enough for a couple of seconds he was in the protective barrier of tires, which, thank God, helped to soften the blow.

The cameras crash looked awful and impressive, because of the car, the Dane is almost nothing left.

After the race Magnussen was sent to the medical center, and then he went to the hospital for detailed examination. Fortunately, he told Kevin he had a slight laceration of the left ankle and he should have time to recover before the race in Monza, which will be held next week.

But if the FIA doctors would not allow it in racing week-end, then there will be a serious problem. Reserve pilot Renault Esteban Windows is now in the team manor, and the first contender to replace is the Russian Sergey Sirotkin, who worked with the new car at the free races in the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi.

Aggressive Verstappen

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии

Thanks to a talented young racing driver of Red bull max Verstappen, the situation in Formula 1 is stabilized from all sides. Love him in the team of Horner and many experts consider him the future of the Royal sport, and it’s hard not to agree. Grand Prix of Belgium was transformed into a large-scale show on which to get there was very difficult because a whole army of Dutch fans that support your pet.

One thing the image and the fans ‘ affection for the pilot, and other behavior of the driver on the track. First, at the start Verstappen was crooked on the starting grid and got a slight advantage, but the race direction did not react to this fact. Further, the dispute in the first corner, which the Dutchman climbed into a crack between a wall and another car, where it was impossible to go so as not to cause an accident. In the end, Vettel too soon turned and lightly pushed Raikkonen, who in turn stuck in Verstappen. Vettel turned around and broke down the wing, Raikkonen broke my wing and punctured a tire, and the Dutchman cut all the turns of the first lap as too damaged wing, and it lacked downforce.

And that’s not all. After a couple of laps between Kimi Raikkonen and max Verstappen reappeared struggle. On the long straight at speeds of 300 km/h with DRS enabled Kimi tried to attack max, but the Dutchman is very hard change the trajectory and just blocked the Finnish pilot of Ferrari, and surprisingly remains the fact that the judges did not consider the incident. Then at the end of the line at the beginning of the second sector Kimi had another attempt of overtaking and again Max did not want to give up and just forced the Finn off the track, and then the judges said nothing.

Recall that this happens not for the first time. In Hungary Verstappen also blatantly blocked Raikkonen and one of the highlights, Kimi narrowly escaped serious contact with the Dutchman, but damaged his wing. And then the judge left the incident without considering what Kimi called absurd rules and what they are used to all different.

After the race in Belgium, Kimi said that if Max will not rest and will work on the track all he wants, it will soon be a big accident in which Dutchman will be the main culprit. With Raikkonen it is difficult to disagree. And about the rules, and there are many nuances, because we all remember the incident in Germany where Rosberg just drove Verstappen off the track, and then the race direction gave the Germans a penalty of five seconds.

Force India and Williams – the battle continues…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии

Back in the end of the first half of the season we wrote about the fact that between Force India and Williams will be real fight for fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship.

In Belgium, the team Vijay Malia not only imposed against the team from grove, but was on the first lines of the protocols. In the race, as expected-paced the pilots Williams was low and was not allowed to fight for big points. But the racer Force India Nico Hulkenberg were able to threaten the podium, but the team decided to err and had one more pit stop. Thus, Hulkenberg finished fourth, and the fifth finished his partner of the team Sergio Perez. This is a very good Foundation for further participation in the Cup of designers, because FI is not only played 15 points, but ahead of the team from grove.

Details of the Grand Prix of Germany:

Podium: 1. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes); 2. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull); 3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

Fastest lap: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 1.51,583.

The fastest pit stop: Valtteri Bottas (Williams) is 2.14 seconds.

Gone: Kevin Magnussen (Reno), Marcus Ericsson (Zauber), Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso), Jenson Button (McLaren), Pascal Wehrlein (Manor).

Personal results:

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Бельгии

The Cup of designers:

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при БельгииThe same news on Formula 1. The results of the Grand Prix of Belgium

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