Formula 1: Vettel won an incredible race at the Grand Prix of Bahrain

Формула-1: Феттель выиграл невероятную гонку на Гран-при Бахрейна

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel won the second race in the season in a row.

The pilot Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was able to obtain a difficult victory in an exciting race at the Grand ol Bahrain, won the second race in this season.

Ferrari has trumped its rivals from Mercedes tactically – a relatively early pit stop Vettel had one more lap to the pits, but Sebastian on the Soft drove all the way to the end of the race. The last 10 laps his tyres were worn and he almost second lost to Bottas, but he got it only for one lap before the finish and was not able to get around.

Third in the race finished with Lewis Hamilton, who broke onto the podium with a 9th place, but he clearly hoped for more, because in the opening race broke into the top 4, but they have to compete failed.

Race Ferrari spoiled unsuccessful pit-stop Kimi Raikkonen, who had time to go to the track with a loose wheel and at this point even suffered a mechanic, which was immediately sent to the hospital.

Black was the race for the two pilots of Red bull. At the start Daniel Riccardo had problems with the motor, and max Verstappen was a puncture after contact with Hamilton.

The results of the Grand Prix of Bahrain 2018:

Формула-1: Феттель выиграл невероятную гонку на Гран-при Бахрейна

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