Formula Steinmeier does not exist – Poroshenko

Формулы Штайнмайера не существует – Порошенко

Position about the organisation of exclusively political process in Donbas without discussing component security is made up of the President of the Russian Federation, said Petro Poroshenko.

Formula Steinmeier, regulating the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass, no one agreed and it does not exist. This was said on Saturday, September 21, the fifth President of Ukraine, the parliamentary leader of the party of European Solidarity Petro Poroshenko in the program Rendezvous on channel 5.

“There is no agreement, Steinmeier does not exist in nature. There is no agreement Steinmeier. No formula Steinmeier, who supposedly agreed-upon, does not exist”, – said Poroshenko.

He said that was the proposal of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier, which was as follows: after the formation of a security component, after having carried out the flawless organization of the elections after the OSCE recognized the elections that fit the criteria of the OSCE and will be free and democratic, the answer to the free will of the citizens. Steinmeier suggested that the law on the special regime of local government was introduced two weeks after the election, when the electoral Commission will be required to calculate the results of the elections and on election day, while the OSCE will issue a statement that the elections are free.

“No other positions relative to the dicing that we organize exclusively political process, and security is not discussed – it is all inventions of Mr. Putin,” – said the fifth President of Ukraine.

“I want to tell you, I first tell you about the last meeting in Berlin with Putin, Merkel, the French President and me. When Putin said, we have the formula Steinmeier written by Lavrov. I say: sorry, here is the letter from the two Ministers of foreign Affairs of France and of Germany Mr. Steinmeier, where they explain that this is the formula Steinmeier. Please take a look. He, Putin, takes the form reads and says: no, this is not something we have Lavrov wrote a formula Steinmeier. I say: sorry, no Lavrov is nothing we would not write. Moreover, at this table he sits Steinmeier and you can ask him, Mr Putin. I’m not going to ask you perechitivay, we will build on our proposals – this is the style of negotiation Russia”, – said Poroshenko.

The former President said: “I advise you to be very careful. We are interested in the world, we are interested in the resumption of Ukraine’s sovereignty over the occupied territories. But certainly not Vice versa – we are not interested that it was a Russian enclave and Russia under the barrel of the representatives of its armed forces to determine who will be elected in these elections”.

It became known yesterday that the formula Steinmeier will form the basis of the bill. This was announced by the assistant to the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak.

We will remind that earlier the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko said that the formula Steinmeier on the talks in Minsk signed a “technical misunderstanding.” He also explained what it means the formula Zelensky in the Donbass.

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