Forum “FORM” acquainted the Ukrainian business with a new multi-billion dollar market

Форум "ФОРМА" ознакомил украинский бизнес с новым  многомиллиардным рынком

November 15, 2018, the first in Ukraine international forum “FORM” on the arrested assets management, organized by the ARMA and the anti-corruption initiative of the EU (EUACI).

Today in the management of ARMA is more than 500 seized assets totaling more than 2 billion hryvnia, which can be transferred for management to the private sector. The ARMA function to transfer the management of seized assets, there are about year, but has already shown effective results of public-private partnerships.

The event was attended by 147 representatives of Ukrainian business. 7 panel discussions on practical issues were 13 international speakers experts in the field of management and realization of seized assets from Ukraine, Belgium, great Britain, Italy and South Africa.

Форум "ФОРМА" ознакомил украинский бизнес с новым  многомиллиардным рынком


International experts drew attention to the fact that the EU member States, the function of managing the arrested assets contributed to the creation of a new multi-billion market of public-private partnerships. In Europe this cooperation has already proved its efficiency and profitability for the business, and they are convinced that soon it will become a reality for Ukraine.

Victor Chernov, the Director of the municipal enterprise “Center of road traffic organization” – Manager Parkovy center, and Konstantin Sushko, managing Director, OOO “Garant Energo” M – Manager “Novorosiyskoe power plant” and “Novoyavorovskoe TPP” demonstrated on their own case studies opportunities and prospects that open to representatives of business in this area.


Форум "ФОРМА" ознакомил украинский бизнес с новым  многомиллиардным рынком


Forum “FORM” was supported by the representatives of the Ukrainian government. In particular, the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze.

Also, the forum FORM was submitted the first edition of the innovative book “guidelines for the management of arrested assets”, which systematized the content of the work of the Institute of management of the seized property, including the experience of more than 10 countries.

“ARMA depends on the business. We believe that the first forum on the questions of management, the arrested assets will become the Foundation for equal and mutually beneficial public-private partnership in the management of arrested assets in Ukraine. If you are interested in activities in the sphere of control of the arrested assets – we are ready for transparent and mutually beneficial partnership with you. The forum will take place on an annual basis and I invite you to participate in next year”, – summed up the Head of ARMA Anton Yanchuk.