Found 1944 videos Japanese sex slaves

Найдено видео 1944 года с японскими секс-рабынями

Sex slaves of Japanese soldiers

Shown in the shot girls kept the Japanese in military brothels.

The Network was published archival film, which filmed a sex slave in 1944, held by the Japanese in military brothels, or “comfort stations,” reports The Mirror.

It is known that the first such station was opened in 1932 in Shanghai. And ten years later their number had grown to four hundred. In General, these institutions held approximately 300 thousand women, many of whom were minors.

Only a quarter of these women were able to survive. Most either died from horrible living conditions or from multiple daily rapes. While a large number of women have committed suicide.

The purpose of establishing these brothels was the decrease in the number of Japanese soldiers rape women in the occupied territories and reducing the number of sexually transmitted diseases. However, neither the objectives thus were not achieved.

This archival recording released by a group of researchers from South Korea.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that in Argentina, was discovered a warehouse with the things of the Nazis.