Found a live embryo sharks at a depth of 250 meters

Найден живой эмбрион акулы на глубине 250 метров

Scientists have discovered a living embryo sharks at great depths

The vast majority of sharks are viviparous, so the living embryo fish infrequent.

American experts from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration removed the living embryo of the shark. The video was posted on the YouTube channel SciNews.

Rare video managed to shoot off the coast of Puerto Rico at a depth of about 250 metres. A live shark embryo attached to the algae.

The footage shows that in a transparent cocoon moves Malek shark attached “pouch” with nutrients.

Scientists admitted that he had not seen anything like it. Sharks mostly give birth to cubs and only a few species lay eggs.

Yesterday in Brazil was “metropolis” termites, visible from space. The area of the “settlements” are almost equal with the area of Romania, and lives there about a billion termites. Previously, the ancient spider “wolf” head showed in the Network.

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