Found a photo of the “culprit” of Kristallnacht

Найдено фото "виновника" хрустальной ночи

New photo rewrites the story of Herschel Grynspan.

In Austria, found a picture of Herschel Grynspan, a Polish Jew who in 1938, killed German diplomat Ernst vom Rath, which served as the formal reason for the events of “Kristallnacht” – pogroms throughout Nazi Germany, writes the Guardian.

The found in the archives of the Jewish Museum Vienna, is dated 1946, but it was believed that Greenspan died in the early 1940-ies.

He was captured somewhere in Germany at the meeting of the so-called displaced persons.

It was a comparative test, and, after reviewing the photo and formerly known images Grinspan, showed a coincidence of 95 percent.

Despite the lack of evidence for a long time it was rumored that he survived the war, a German journalist in the early 1960s, argued that Greenspan was ready to come to Germany, if he was guaranteed immunity.

In early August it became known that the Russian military archives in Moscow found the diaries of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

On 7 November 1938, Polish Jew Herschel grynszpan walked into the German Embassy in Paris and shot Ernst vom Rath.

The diplomat died from his wounds a few days later. Their actions grinspan explained revenge for thousands of Jews, including their relatives who were deported from Germany.

Reich Minister of public enlightenment and propaganda Joseph Goebbels used the murder of vom Rath as a pretext to organize violent anti-Jewish pogroms, which were attacked synagogues and Jewish-owned shops.

During the so-called Kristallnacht or night of broken glass”- killed at least 100 Jews, another 30 thousand were sent to concentration camps. Historians called the events of the night of 9-10 November 1938 beginning of the Holocaust in Germany.

Найдено фото "виновника" хрустальной ночи



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