Found a unique fresco with the image of Christ

Найдена уникальная фреска с изображением Христа

In Bulgaria have found an ancient fresco with Christ

The find is dated to the thirteenth century and discovered in the medieval fortress in Bulgaria.

Archaeologists have found ruins of an unknown Church, in which are preserved frescoes depicting Jesus Christ. It is reported Archaeology in Bulgaria.

The finding discovered in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo in the territory of the excavations of the fortress of the middle ages. The mural itself is dated the XIII century the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The Church is unique because of its frescoes among which a well preserved image of three people with halos. On one of the frescoes depicts Vsederzhitel Jesus Christ in the iconography of the Pantocrator.

In addition, the quality and artistic value of the image of the Church, according to archaeologists, much higher than in other churches of this same fortress.

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