Found a way of recycling all types of plastic

Найден способ переработки любых видов пластика

Scientists have patented a device capable of turning plastic into bitumen, gasoline or other types of plastic.

Scientists have found a way to recycle all types of plastic. It is reported The Hill.

Austrian scientist Len Humphries, and Professor at the University of Sydney Thomas Machmeier developed and patented a device able to recycle the plastic, which still can not be recycled.

According to scientists, their device turns plastic into “the fluid and the chemical from which they are derived”. In addition, the products can be converted to bitumen, gasoline or different types of plastic.

The scientists called the device a catalytic hydrothermal reactor. It
does not require a separation of plastics by type and color, and it can process all of the packages from-under milk wetsuits.

Earlier it was reported that in the Netherlands came up with a way to clean up the rivers from the plastic.
Also the Correspondent wrote that the scientists refuted the myth about the decomposition of plastic “a thousand years”.

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