Found a way to extend the life of food

Найден способ продлить жизнь с помощью еды

Scientists have linked food with the development of age-related diseases. Continue life can a “temporary” diet.

Specialists from the Salk Institute in California have proved that the acceptance of the daily food for 10 hours, can extend the life. Reported by Science Daily.

Scientists say that this meal is able to compensate for metabolic disorders arising from violations of the diurnal cycle.

The experiment was conducted on mice. In rodents turned off the genes responsible for switching the body into “day” and “night” modes, depending on circadian rhythms. Mice, like humans, some processes are maximally active during the day, as the digestion, and some at night.

The group of rodents that ate when I wanted to start to suffer obesity and related diseases with metabolic disorder. The second group ate the same food only for 10 hours a day and remained healthy, not gaining weight.

Scientists suggest that the 10-hour diet can reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases, cancer and dementia.

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