Found a way to “hide” a person from mosquitoes

Найден способ "спрятать" человека от комаров

Experts were able to answer the question of how mosquitoes find a person deliberately and not any other creature.

Scientists from Florida International University in Miami have found a way to “hide” a person from mosquitoes. Reported by Science Daily.

American molecular biologists managed to find out how mosquitoes detect humans when looking for victims. Previously it was thought that it helps the smell of human sweat. Experts managed to find the component that is the basis of this mechanism.

It turned out that a key role in finding a mosquito specific person playing gene and protein IR8A. Scientists conducted an experiment on genetically modified mosquitoes. They removed the gene IR8A to reduce “desire” mosquitoes seek human blood is approximately two times.

Experts expect that this information will help to create a mosquito repellent of new generation, which will actually make people invisible to the bloodsuckers.

Earlier it was reported that in China found unknown to science giant hornet.

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