Found an effective way to fight brain cancer

Найден эффективный способ борьбы с раком мозга

Found an effective way to fight glioblastoma

A new study has shown how to fight cancer with gene.

Scientists from the International school of advanced studies (International School for Advanced Studies) has developed an effective method of struggle with brain cancer – a glioblastoma. A key element of the new method is gene Emx2. Test research was published on the SISSA website.

Experts note that this gene is responsible for suppression of growth of cancer cells astrocytes during embryonic development. While the embryo is formed, the growth of glial cells is inhibited. However, after the formation of the nervous system the activity of Emx2 is reduced and they begin to multiply.

Having established this, the researchers concluded that the gene can be used effectively in the fight against cancer. After the first experiments with the activation of the gene conducted by researchers, it was found that it successfully counteracts the growth of astrocytes.

The British have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment

Moreover, unlike conventional therapies, to which cancer can be very stable, the new method gives the disease little chance.

It is known that experts have conducted experiments on cell cultures and on mice. In the end, it turned out that the gene therapy is very effectively counteracts disease, without damaging healthy cells.

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