Found extreme? The first case of “black cash” PR

Нашли крайнего? Первое дело по "черной кассе" ПР

The head of the Central election Commission is accused of bribery.

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened the first high-profile case on the basis of ”Granary books of the Party of regions”.

The name of the head of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky immediately attracted special attention in the “black hand” regions.

Now the head of the CEC, and the Commission was just under the quota of the Party of regions charged with suspicion.

Корреспондент.net versed in the stations.

He was accused of

During the pre-trial investigation, the detectives NAB found that Okhendovsky as a member of the Central election Commission in 2012 made 6 trips abroad with the purpose, as stated in the proof of travel, “Dating from the electoral legislation of Ukraine and specifics of the election process in elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine October 28, 2012”.

But, police claim that the real basis of these foreign visits were performing the Stations of the informal instructions of the higher state officials and members of the Party of regions, according to a report to representatives of foreign governments in a positive light information on the “democratic” electoral process in Ukraine.

“The pretrial investigation has reasonable grounds to believe that as a “reward” for such actions, the suspect received reimbursement incurred abroad costs at the expense of the Party of regions”, – said the head of the special anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky.

According to him, documents of the so-called “black accounting” confirmed four cases of receiving Stations for cash in the office of the Party of regions in Kiev on Lipskaya St., 10, totaling 16 734 dollars.

“Getting the money, the fact of their receiving stations each time confirmed the handwritten signature in the relevant account sheets, which were provided by the anti-corruption bodies this summer. The authenticity of his signature confirmed by the carried out in criminal proceedings of handwriting expertise,” said Holodnitsky.

In addition, the “barn book PR” there are two records of possible receiving Stations money in the sum of 100 000 and 45 000 dollars.

I suspect the head of the CEC of taking bribes in large and especially large size.

History Stations

Stations in 2004, the Supreme court upheld the position of the then head of the CEC Sergey Kivalov regarding the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the second round.

Okhendovsky, the CEC elected in 2007 on a quota of Party of regions and the Chairman of the Commission, he became under the Yanukovych presidency in July 2013.

It ohendovsky was the head of the CEC, when Petro Poroshenko was elected President.

Powers stations and 11 of his colleagues to have ended in 2014, but they were not fired.

Reworked it for two years and even recently received the order of Yaroslav the Wise on the occasion of the Constitution Day from the President.

The reaction of the CEC

Okhendovsky States that have never received funding from either the PR or any other party.

In his opinion, NABOO “really want to record this in the metrics of 2016”.

Suspicion Okhendovsky handed at the airport “Borispol”, where the head of the CEC arrived from Kyrgyzstan, after observation of the elections and the referendum.

Today Okhendovsky has not appeared for questioning in NABOO. The interrogation moved for personal reasons the suspect in coordination with the detectives.

The problem of the CEC

Authorities have two years to change the composition of the CEC.

7 Jun 2016 Poroshenko suggested the Verkhovna Rada to dismiss 12 of the 15 members of the Commission and CEC to appoint 11 new members.But the decision still is not accepted.

Recently, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that Poroshenko is ready in case of need to change the proposed candidates to the new composition of the CEC.

“The consultations. We have agreed on certain positions. The President is ready to debate, ready to go to replace a particular candidate from the list, in order, the Verkhovna Rada voted positively,” – said paruby.

He is convinced that soon the Parliament will vote for the new composition of the CEC. Now, according to Parubiy, the positions of the factions are not consistent.

“I was approached by a major political faction with a request to transfer the matter to final completion of consultations. To be additional consultation, and obviously there will need to be some changes,” he said.

In October Parubiy has said that he will propose to the President to re-introduce the candidates to the new composition of the CEC, as the current presentation did not have enough votes.