Found marine organisms, breathing arsenic

Найдены морские организмы, дышащие мышьяком

Single-celled life use for oxidized arsenic compounds that are toxic to humans and animals.

Experts from the University of Washington in Seattle found a new form of oceanic life. It is reported by Science Alert.

Scientists have discovered unusual bacteria in the oxygen minimum zone at depths from 200 to 1000 meters. After analyzing their DNA, they found out that a single-celled get energy for life from arsenic.

Usually in the absence of oxygen organisms use the oxidised compounds of sulphur and nitrogen. Discovered single-celled life use for arsenic.

These organisms were previously known, but they were not found in the ocean. Scientists believe that ancient organisms used this poison for breath, when the Earth had little oxygen.

Breathing arsenic unicellular approximately 1% of marine microorganisms.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found 200 thousand of different groups of viruses in the oceans. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have explained the anomaly in the ocean, causing disasters.

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