Found mysterious object moving with superluminal velocity

Найден загадочный объект, движущийся со сверхсветовой скоростью

Astronomers can’t identify the anomaly that supposedly moves faster than the speed of light.

Experts see in the areas of mergers of two neutron stars an unusual phenomenon. Because of illusions created by ultra-fast movement, they can’t pinpoint its origin. It is reported EurekAlert.

Astronomers in 2017 fixed the collision and merger of two neutron stars, called event GW170817. Some time after the beginning of the merger, nabludateli from Earth spotted the mysterious object, whose motion is several times the speed of light.

Stream of particles ejected during the merger of stars, called jet. On Earth radio interferometer Very Long Baseline Array captures the movement of the jet, whose speed is above the speed of light four times. In this case the jet is very narrow and it deviates only 20 ° from the line connecting the neutron star and the Earth.

But scientists say that the Universe has not yet been discovered objects that can move at the speed of light. But the anomaly with the jet to explain the illusion.

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