Found one of the oldest stars in the Universe

Найдена одна из старейших звезд во Вселенной

In the milky Way found a star that is one of the oldest

Her estimated age is 13.5 billion years old. Its feature is the almost total absence of metals.

Astronomers have discovered in the milky way one of the oldest stars known today. Her approximate age is about 13.5 billion years. About it writes Science Alert.

The star is called 2MASS J18082002–5104378 and its main feature is the almost complete absence of metals.

It is the lack of metals tells about the age of the star. According to scientists, at the dawn of the formation of the Universe, they are almost absent, at the same time part of young stars present.

For its size the star is ten times less than the Sun. Currently it emits a dim light, and found it accidentally, while exploring the brighter the star.

It was reported earlier that milky Way borrowed part of the stars from other galaxies, with which he was faced.


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