Found safe and effective cure for cancer

Найдено безопасное и эффективное лекарство от рака

Anti-cancer agent without serious side effects experts found in Australia. The drug is not yet tested on humans.

Scientists from the Institute of Monash in Melbourne, Australia have found a drug that can stop the growth of cancer cells, causing the patient a minimum of adverse effects.

This information appeared on the MedicalXpress website. Previously, scientists have found unidentified human cells

In tumor cells increases the effect of protein KAT6A and KAT6B. A new drug aimed at suppressing their activity. The study was conducted on mice suffering from lymphoma. The drug stopped the division of cancer cells without affecting healthy tissue.

The effectiveness of the drug hasn’t been tested on humans. But the researchers hope that the tool will prevent recurrence in patients after initial treatment.

The name of the new danger alcohol

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