Found the location of the sinking of the ship of James cook

Найдено место затопления корабля Джеймса Кука

Reconstruction of ship of James cook

The ship HMS Endeavour was transformed after a trip around the world and sunk during the war.

Archaeologists from the Australian national Maritime Museum claim to have discovered the exact location of the sinking of the ship HMS Endeavour. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Ship in the eighteenth century was commanded by the legendary British Explorer captain James cook. It is believed that after the trip the ship was converted into a military ship and it was wrecked in 1778-m during the war for the independence of the United States.

The area where the wreckage of the ship is near the island of Got in the Narragansett Bay (ri, USA).

Archaeologists emphasize that the identification of the shipwreck will be possible only after the underwater excavation. They planned for 2019. The U.S. and Australia will have to negotiate, research and transportation of the wreckage of the ship.

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