Found the remains of ancient people with strange abnormalities

Найдены останки древних людей со странными аномалиями

The ancient people discovered a mysterious anomaly

Scientists have discovered a large number of anomalies in development and bone formation in humans of the Pleistocene epoch.

At the University of Washington experts have found that a huge number of ancient people that lived during the Pleistocene, were anomalies. It is reported

Archaeologist Erik Trinkaus has studied and analyzed data from 66 of fossils of ancient people. The age of the remains is about 200 thousand years, it means that humans lived in the Pleistocene period. This era is dated from 2.6 million years ago to 11 700 thousand years ago.

According to the scholar, among the 66 fossils found 7 anomalies. Among them, the bending of the bones of the hands and feet, as well as deformation of the skull and jaws. A significant portion of these variances in the modern world are less than one percent of people.

Найдены останки древних людей со странными аномалиями

Photo: Erik Trinkaus

According to Trinkaus such a high rate of anomalies is associated with splicing and relatives.

Previously, archaeologists in Italy found the skeleton of a “baby vampire”. The remains were interred in the burial ritual of the vampires in the ancient cemetery. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Norway under the earth found a Viking ship.

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