Found the remains of thousands of years of mother with child on hands

Найдены тысячилетние останки матери с ребенком на руках

Found the remains of mother and child, which is almost 5 thousand years

A surprising discovery archaeologists made in Taiwan.

In Taiwan were found the remains of a mother with a baby in her arms, which, according to archaeologists, 4.8 thousand years, reports The Daily Mail.

It is reported that on the island were found with other ancient evidence of human activity. However, the remains of the mother and child have become key discovery, made during excavations.

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The publication notes that the approximate age of the remains found belong to the Neolithic period. According to specialists, growth of women was approximately 160 cm, and baby is about 50 centimetres.

Scientists claim that this discovery is the oldest proof of human activities in Taiwan.

Earlier it was reported that in Israel, a seven year old child found a statue, of which 3.5 thousand years.