Found traces of a catastrophic solar storm

Найдены следы катастрофической солнечной бури

Scientists have predicted the consequences of powerful solar storms

It occurred in the year 660 BC. In the case if it was repeated, the damage to the ecosystem and communications satellites would severely.

Experts at Lund University in Sweden found that 660 years BC there was a major geomagnetic storm, the consequences of which seriously affected the Earth. This writes

In their study, experts used data analysis of the ice core, the core of which come from Greenland and contain ice. It was formed in the last 100 thousand years. The material contains evidence of very strong solar storms that occurred in the year 660 BC.

Solar storms can be much stronger than previously thought. A new study shows evidence of the third known case of a massive solar storm in the history of mankind.

Researchers believe that society is not prepared for such events.

Solar storms consist of high-energy particles, which are released from the sun as a result of explosions on the stellar surface.

Over the past 70 years researchers have studied the solar storms with the help of available tools of observation and realize that they can be dangerous for the mains, communication systems, satellites and air traffic.

Two examples of strong solar storms in our time, which caused a massive power outage took place in Quebec, Canada (1989) and in Malmo in Sweden (2003).

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found the timing of a likely climate disaster in the United States.

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