Four cases from the sushi found in Salmonella

У четверых заболевших из-за суши нашли сальмонеллез

Fashionable dish was put in the hospital more than 20 people

Food could infect someone from the restaurant staff, experts say.

As of this morning, complaints on feeling bad after eating the company’s products Sushi Land and Sushi Eurasia life in Kyiv stopped. As of the morning of July 3, about the new complaints is not known. The four cases confirmed the diagnosis of salmonellosis. The results of the analyses of the other victims will be known later, according to

This was told Deputy chief of Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Alexander Ovcharenko.

“We assume that infection can occur from an infected person who worked in the kitchen and seeding products. He could be a concealed carrier or conceal bad feeling,” said Ovcharenko.

Institution in which people were poisoned, not working since 28 of June.

We will remind, on June 28 and 16 people were injured as a result of outbreaks of intestinal infections in school catering Sushi land Eurasia on the street Wednesday in Kiev.

Later, in Kiev from-for poisonings with sushi, closed the third café.