Four schools under the city was closed for quarantine

Четыре школы под Львовом закрылись на карантин

In the Lviv region schools are closed because of measles

Measles is diagnosed as preschoolers, and students. However, residents increasingly turn to physicians with the request for vaccination.

In four schools around the city because of the measles suspended the educational process. In particular, classes stopped in schools of the villages of the Ore, Lapaevca, and in two institutions of the Winter Water, according to Thursday, November 8,

Sick and students, and preschoolers. So, on Wednesday, took ill 32 students and five preschoolers. At the local clinic say that in recent days increased patients.

“Vaccination among children and among adults increased. Mom every day to go to the clinic to be vaccinated”, – said the head of outpatient family medicine Ore Yulia Mokrik.

In the Winter the Water also stopped the training. Here got measles 13 students.

“Most of the children who got sick – disciples of the first school. At the second school we only had two cases of measles, thank God. Today the children are healthy, almost,” – said the chief doctor of the clinic Temnovolosaya novel Gonsior.

Temporarily suspend the studies and in the neighboring villages. In Lapaivka measles outbreak began on October 10.

In the villages of Lviv teachers stop learning process, to stop the spread of the disease, but in Lviv school work. Here, the measles caught the 143 students and 20 preschool children.

Earlier it was reported that in the Transcarpathian region fixed with a second wave of measles.

We will remind, in Mukachevo, died of measles 12-year-old boy from the village of Strabychovo.

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