Fourcade and be ready to take turns sharing Crystal globe

Фуркад и Бе готовы по очереди делить Хрустальный глобус

BAA Fourcade on the podium in Rupoldinge

In the individual standings of the race the two athletes have the same number of points.

The results of men’s individual race in Ruhpolding was determined the winner of the “Small crystal globe” in this discipline, since in the calendar scheduled in the season, only two independents, and the Olympic games are not going to the world Cup.

But in the end the prize was shared by Martin Fourcade and Johannes Bø. And the Frenchman, and the Norwegian scored 108 points, the two taking first place.

“Today Johannes and both won in the fight for the Small crystal globe. Not sure this situation is covered by the rules. I think we need to discuss this with the organizers. Maybe Johannes will want to turn to possess the reward is a week I have a week at it (laughs), well maybe we will give two of the Globe. We will wait and see,” said Fourcade after the race.

“I’ve never won Globes, this award will be a first for me and I am very happy! Won’t even be upset if I have to share it with Martin (laughs)! Maybe the organizers overlooked the excess and then I will have my own Small crystal globe” – in turn, said BAA.

We will remind, in östersund, won the be, and Fourcade was third. At the current stage in Ruhpolding the French and Norwegian switched.

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