Fourcade In Oberhof always need some luck

Фуркад: В Оберхофе всегда нужно немного удачи

Martin Fourcade

French biathlete commented on the victory on the world Cup stage in Oberhof.

The Frenchman Martin Fourcade shared his impressions after got managed to win the first stage of the world Cup in 2018, which took place in Oberhof.

“For those conditions, I had good shooting, but I chose the wrong skis and didn’t feel the speed. However, overall I am happy with how spent the race and won. In Oberhof always need some luck, because it’s hard to shoot clean, but today, it was easier than yesterday’s women.

At the counter I tried to shoot faster. I spent 25 starts in Oberhof, and 24 of them were the same conditions as now. It Oberhof, and we are always ready to such weather,” – quoted Him the championship.

The schedule of the biathlon world Cup you can find the link.

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