France froze, bizviz for Le Pen media

Франция заморозила безвиз из-за Ле Пен - СМИ

In Paris, they think that the victory of Le Pen will mean the collapse of the old order, so all the process should be frozen until the election.

France wants to block negotiations on the mechanism for suspending the visa-free regime with EU before the elections of the President of the country in April 2017, so as not to give additional cards to the far-right leader marine Le Pen.

This writes European true with reference to sources in diplomatic circles.

Earlier it became known that the block bizviz Ukraine France (because of the upcoming elections) and Belgium, Germany, Italy and other countries. Also note that pausing bezveza – the last step for visa-free regime for Ukrainians.

According to interlocutors of the edition, in the environment after completion of the technical discussions of the permanent representatives of member countries of the EU, the representative of France surprised everyone present.

“We have to decide: either we are opening the visa liberalization, or stored on free movement of EU citizens within the Schengen zone,” – said the French diplomat.

Still, none of the officials did not expect that the abolition of the visa regime could lead to the collapse of Schengen.

A source close to European diplomacy, said the position of the French, which they expressed in private conversations. We are talking about the idea to freeze all the processes to elect a new President of France.

“The problem has a name, and this name is marine Le Pen…France frightened by the victory of trump. Against this background, the victory of Le Pen becomes real, and if it does, it will be the end of the old order, the end of everything. Even in the Ukrainian question. We understand that Ukraine will be disappointed about the visa, but…” – this logic was echoed in the conversations in the building of the Council of the EU, the newspaper writes.

Recall that Le Pen is the leader in France in the ratings of presidential candidates.

It is noteworthy that earlier the head of the European Commission, Donald Tusk, announced the agreement of France to unlock the visa regime for Ukraine.

“This morning I had a conversation with President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel and I can assure you that the problem will be resolved before the end of the year”, – said the President of the European Council Jean-Claude Juncker.