France has drawn from the strategic fuel reserves

Франция распечатала стратегические резервы топлива

The refineries trade unions organized a massive strike.

France began to use strategic stocks of fuel due to protests and strikes that stopped working six out of the eight refineries of the country.

According to the Ministry of transport, 46% of the gas stations of the country are experiencing shortages of supply of gasoline. Monday at gas stations observed long queues.

Strategic fuel reserve in France is designed for 115 days, it has already deflated a three-day stocks, reports Agence France Presse with reference to Ministry of transport.

Trade unions oil refineries staged a massive strike demanding the government to abandon plans to change the labor laws, expanding the rights of employers. To protest prisoedinilis workers of power plants and transport.

If the French authorities do not fulfill their demands, the protesters threatened to paralyze transportation. According to AFP, on Thursday they intend to block the supply of fuel through the port of Le Havre.

According to participants of strikes, governmental reform, which significantly worsens the position of workers, will only enrich the company, and the level of unemployment in the country remains high.

The French government, in contrast, believes that the proposed changes will help to revive the economy and the labour market.

Despite the drop in personal rating, President Francois Hollande said he did not intend to abandon the reforms.

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