France is ready to extend sanctions against Russia to demonstrate resolve in support of Ukraine, Ambassador

Франция готова продлить санкции против РФ, чтобы продемонстрировать решимость в поддержке Украины, - посол

France is ready to extend sanctions against Russia to demonstrate resolve in support of Ukraine. About it in interview “Interfax-Ukraine”, said the Ambassador of France in Ukraine Isabelle Dumont.

“France is the bearer of important values, particularly respect for international law. Given this, the French are ready to make efforts and even sacrifices, as they have done before and continue to do. Of course, the European sanctions that were imposed against Russia have a negative impact on the French economy, in particular because Moscow imposed retaliatory sanctions, primarily in agriculture. You definitely know that this sector of the French economy is going through difficult times, and in this case the victims are the French farmers. Despite this, France is ready to extend sanctions to demonstrate our resolve in supporting Ukraine”, – she said.

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At the same time, she added that the French population feel part of Ukraine strong willingness to find a way out of the conflict.

“You just mentioned about the possibility of freezing the conflict in Donbas. And you talk about it because I do have such thoughts. Those are the things that the French rather difficult to understand, and some of them even say: “Why should I pay for the consequences of sanctions against Russia, to avoid a frozen conflict, which some Ukrainians believe a possible solution?”. But France has a clear position: the sanctions are related, and this is clearly spelled out, with the annexation of Crimea, war in Donbas and the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” said Dumont.

Earlier it was reported that the EU sanctions against Russia because of the aggression in the Donbas, in force until 31 January 2017, will almost certainly be extended for another six months, until Aug.

At the same time, Ukraine stands for the extension of sanctions once a year, not six months.